The Green Door Life Team


Alex Golodriga 

Nutrition Coach & Founder of

Alex is a mom of 2, wife and owner/founder of

She has spent the last 20 years living and experimenting in the world of health and fitness. Having come from an athletic background, she has dabbled in various sports and competed professionally in Bikini and Fitness competitions for over 7 years, having placed nationally and internationally in various federations, including earning her professional status in the WBFF.

It’s through her years competing where she found the value and importance of self-experimentation and reflection, in both nutrition and exercise modalities. When her son was born she discovered a whole new world of self-care and learned first-hand that every season of life requires different self-care practices, reflection tools and a support system that could be her rock through the ups and downs and unknowns in life as a mother.

Her passion for health and fitness blossomed in those first years in her new role through acknowledging that not only is every
body different, but every phase of life requires different tools and new ways of approaching goals, expectations and the realities of life. She has spent the last several years focusing her attention and purpose on supporting other women, by providing new ways of tuning in and getting to know themselves and their bodies, so they can confidently lean into whatever season they are in. 

You can find Alex, leading our group cohorts to support women, and specifically mothers to build that deep listening of their body to support health thorough all phases of life.