The Green Door Life Team


Amanda Chin

Nutrition & Success Coach 


Amanda first came to the Green Door Life as a client. Growing up, she never had to worry about what she ate. However, post college, when professional desk job life imposed a sedentary lifestyle, she knew she needed to find fun ways to stay active. Amanda discovered pole in 2014, and instantly fell in love! Pole has built so much muscle on her body, but still, something was lacking. No matter how much she trained, the image in the mirror didn't reflect how strong she felt. And her lower belly pooch she's had since childhood seemed like it was there to stay forever. 
Prior to learning about nutrition, the only way Amanda knew how to lose weight was to cut carbs/calories and do more cardio. Not only did this not work, it made her miserable, gave her hunger pains, and made her lose sleep. She knew there must be a better way. Enter, the Green Door Life! 
Amanda rocked it as a client - She quickly shed 8 pounds to reach her goal weight, said goodbye to her lower belly pooch, and said hello to her newly visible abs and glutes, all while continuing to eat her favorite foods (noodles, donuts, ice cream)! What other program will allow (and encourage) you to enjoy your favorite foods, and teach you how to build eating habits that will serve you for a lifetime? 
Needless to say, it was a natural transition for Amanda to join the Green Door Life team as a coach. Amanda finds so much joy in teaching others about how to best nourish their body in a healthy and sustainable way, and loves coaching clients through navigating nutrition and busting myths left and right! Helping clients achieve their goals, whether that's body recomposition, developing a healthy relationship to food, or learning to love the image in the mirror, is the most rewarding gift, and Amanda can't wait to be your rock alongside your journey. 
You can find Amanda on Discovery Calls, Strength Training workouts, private 1:1 coaching calls, and on the community board!