The Green Door Life Team


Blair Nail

  Nutrition Coach

As a former athlete, Blair has always known the importance of being physically fit. Growing up as a soccer player, cheerleader and horse back rider. Although she grew up very active, it wasn’t until adulthood that Blair developed a passion and true understanding about the importance of total health and wellness. 

In November 2016, after having 2 children in 22 months, Blair was the most out of shape she had been in her entire life. Blair felt embarrassed, had extremely low self esteem and virtually no clue how to get started with postpartum weight loss. 

Then in April 2017, Blair and her husband decided to move to Winston Salem. She was a new stay at home mom, exhausted, and taking care of two little ones full time, while neglecting her own self care.

That October Blair was ready to take action and finally take control of her health after baby #2. Blair and her family joined a gym and I began working out, lifting weights 5-6 days a week. After 2 months of going hard inside the gym, she  realized if she didn’t change her nutrition, she wasn’t going to get the results she was chasing. 

Blair started tracking macros in October 2017 and never looked back. I love the freedom that macros allow me to eat what I enjoy and get results. At 33, with two small children, I’m in the best shape of my life. I understand how to make food work for me and my goals. 

With a degree in education, teaching and coaching others has come naturally to me. Blair enjoys helping clients reach their full potential and better understand how to train and nourish their bodies for their unique goals. 

You can find Blair working out with the group, and supporting clients through their private coaching calls as well as the community board. 

Personal Discoveries Through Nutritional Awareness

  • All or nothing mentality - being able to see the grey. It was so hard for so long and finding balance in my nutrition helped me see that everything here is not black and white. I would avoid social settings so I could control my food at home instead of giving myself grace or working with what I had available. 

The everything in moderation mindset has now taken the place of the "all or nothing" mentality!

  • Scarcity mindset - not having to eat all the birthday cake so that tomorrow I can be "good" and back "on track".

Since nothing is "good" or "bad" anymore, I have found that nothing is scarce, I can have the item if I want to as I know how to balance it for my goals and desires. 

  • Children/family - being the mom and putting myself last to serve others.  

I truly understand now that if I don't prioritize myself, no one is going to do it for me. Learning how to take care of me has allowed me to be a better mom, wife, friend, etc.