The Green Door Life Team


Chandley McKinnon

 Nutrition Coach & Sales Director


Chandley is a friend to all and a passionate and enthusiastic coach. Chandley first entered the coaching world at age 18 when he coached high school football and volleyball for 4 years at his alma mater. Chandley’s own transformational experience with athletics was the driving force for him to pursue coaching. He wanted to pass along the positive experiences he had and share his own passion for athletics, fitness, and teamwork. After coaching Chandley entered the professional world and amassed sales experience while completing his undergrad degree in business from University of San Francisco. Upon completing his course of education in business from USF, Chandley and his family left San Francisco and relocated to North Carolina. Chandley joined the Fire Department with the City of Winston-Salem. The camaraderie and physical demands of the fire department were a welcome change for Chandley as he transitioned out of the corporate sector and into this new role as a civil servant and team member. Prioritizing physical health became the priority as a firefighter, and in 2019 Chandley went through the Green Door Life nutrition program. 


Chandley is excited to join The Green Door Life in this capacity as a nutrition coach and return to his passion for working closely with others to achieve a collective goal.  In addition to being an enthusiastic member of our community, Chandley is also a loving father and a husband and loves to explore and adventure with his family. Drawing on a wide array of experiences, Chandley is excited to work with and connect with new members to The Green Door Life. 


Personal Discoveries Through Nutritional Awareness

  • I went through a pretty substantial transformation at an early age 12/13 by adopting new habits and routines related to health and fitness. I eliminated fast food from my diet, and I incorporated my own routines of mountain biking after school. This helped create a foundation of discipline and confidence that I needed to try out for high school athletics. I spent 8 years of my young adult life - 4 years of high school athletics (football x4, Diving, Track, Volleyball) and 4 years as a football  and volleyball coach - competing, and training regularly. I’ve worked with some amazing personal trainers and coaches who specialize in leading edge programming and nutrition science. I’ve seen my body change due to sedentary office jobs and stress, and I’ve seen my body respond to consistent training and healthy habits.