The Green Door Life Team


Christine Calegari 

Nutrition & Success Coach 


Christine Calegari lives in Marin County, CA and is a busy mom of 3 with a passion for helping others on their health + wellness journey. She has worked as a mentor and coach for 5+ years and like so many women, got tired of trying the latest (often restrictive) trend in healthy eating only to find that the results were temporary (if it worked at all). The Green Door Life program was life-changing for her because it provided a sustainable + effective plan that worked WITH her busy life and also debunked so many of the mass marketed ideas about food and exercise. Now the days of restricting carbs are long gone, excessive cardio is out, strength workouts are her favorite, and meal planning is an enjoyable part of the weekly routine. Seeing how empowering this program was in her own life led her to becoming a Nutrition & Success coach so she could help others find the same results.

You can find Christine in weekly coaching calls, and sweating with the community during our live strength training sessions.