The Green Door Life Team


Diana Rosen

Nutrition & Success Coach


Diana has always had a passion for health & wellness stemming from a childhood of soccer and martial arts, a stint as a kickboxing instructor, and a general affinity for all that is fitness and nutrition. As she built her career in the drudges of corporate America, she began to question how she could combine her personal passions for health and wellness with her business skills and love for helping others.


Diana’s journey into the space began at a fitness startup, where she worked directly with corporate clients to promote employee exercise and general wellbeing. However, she was phased by the fitness industry focus on cardio, body shaming, and diet culture. Having faced challenges with food through family, sororities, and the fitness world - Diana has built strength and understanding around black and white thinking and disordered eating. 


After departing the industry and furthering her learning, Diana joined GDL as a client and found the home she had been looking for. No more endless cardio. No more starving to look good. No more good vs. bad. Enter strength, confidence, protein, rest days, flexibility, and most importantly: support. Seeing how much the GDL community and coaching helped with her own lifestyle, founded in principles she values in her professional life, Diana couldn’t wait to learn more and help others in turn. The most fulfilling part of her day is partnering with clients to progress, learn, achieve freedom, and find positivity as she has.


Diana is currently rounding out her MBA and BS degrees with her NAMS nutrition certification and is always working to learn more and put knowledge to good use. As her degrees suggest, she loves to learn, has a knack for problem solving, and is greatly fulfilled by aiding improvement and outcomes for those she partners with.


You can find her side by side with you in many of the live strength training classes, on the weekly nutrition calls, and she is always available to listen and support as a coach.