The Green Door Life Team


Emily Hong Daniel

Nutrition Coach

Growing up around an abundance of diversity of food, there was no way Emily wasn’t going to fall in love with all kinds of food. This love of food, naturally, went hand in hand with her active lifestyle and a greater amount of free time. (She’s a former tree climber, theater nerd, court and beach volleyball player.) However, like most adults in this day and age, her lifestyle and her free time drastically changed - and it wasn’t for the better. Shifting to a more sedentary lifestyle and less time to properly plan her fooding adventures deeply affected Emily’s mind, body, and soul.

Emily discovered circus and aerial arts by literally walking into a circus; and after just one class,  her mood improved greatly. Making time to focus on herself provided the outlet she needed, but she wanted to get even better. She knew she had to fuel her body; but how was she going to get better at fueling her body?

Enter the phase of trying fad diets, failing at juice/soup cleanses, and not progressing in circus or aerial skills. After a ton of reading and researching, she settled into improving her diet and reintroducing cooking into her life. Emily settled into cooking foods inspired by her youth; coupled with her less sedentary lifestyle, she naturally found her way into having more balanced meals. In turn, she began to have a more balanced lifestyle.

But Emily wanted MORE. She wanted to know how to take her circus training, her okay habits, and her human journey to the next level. Enter the Green Door Life! She got to nerd out and learn so much about what was truly fueling her body and what habits were shaping her; it was even more exciting that she was able to nerd out and learn healthy habits while growing a small human! GDL helped her have a healthy pregnancy and an “easier” postpartum/breastfeeding  journey.

She is excited to share the knowledge gained through her GDL journey and lead other folks through their own journeys to strike the same balance. Emily is a former therapist, with special interest in trauma-informed care for educators and practitioners; she is also the occasional aerial instructor and aerial yoga teacher in the Bay Area.

Personal Discoveries Through Nutritional Awareness 

  • "Good" carbs vs "bad" carbs in context of culture/family
  • Constantly changing body type - performance, harder training, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and back again
  • Learning to cross train and adding "easy" cardio