The Green Door Life Team


Enrique Gonzalez

  Founder & CEO of Personal Titan Corp.


Enrique Gonzalez is the founder and CEO of Personal Titan Corporation. He is an entrepreneur and peak performance coach who has led successful teams in the areas of Real Estate, Entertainment, Fitness, and E-commerce. With extensive experience in target marketing, Enrique has consistently and successfully produced ROI. His talent for long term strategy and innovation have allowed him to successfully serve in the personal and professional development spaces in New York City for over 15 years. Enrique brings a disciplined approach to management which allows for large scale team building and consistency of process.


As a leader, Enrique intends to empower one million people to free themselves from fear, judgment, overwhelm and exhaustion by adopting proven techniques for increasing energy, clarity and performance. The body serves the mind which is governed by the heart. The heart drives us towards our ultimate purpose and vision. This is alignment and from this place, we are able to fully show up in life and create the impact, significance, and connection indicative of a happy and successful experience.

You can find Enrique guiding Green Door Life Members to step into their roles of leadership in their professions and personal lives in the 12-Week Leadership Course