The Green Door Life Team


Jen Wyman

Nutrition & Success Coach


Jen has an adventurous spirit and has tried all the diet fads available. It wasn't until she hit rock bottom with depression and anxiety that she found a yoga practice which was the natural medicine that she needed. It helped her body, mind, and spirit find balance and the right nutrition habits for her body. Jen built up the strength and confidence to explore action sports including aerial arts when she was 25 years old (better late than never!). After years of dedicated practice she is an experienced aerial performer.

The Green Door Life  took Jen to the next level and showed her what was possible, and she stepped up into her best life. This wisdom inspires Jen to share her unique gifts of guiding yoga, spiritual health, fitness and nutrition coaching with a purpose to guide others on a joyful journey to living a healthy, happy and fulfilling life.

Jen is most aligned when exploring the outdoors with her partner and 2 fur-babies where they currently reside in Laguna Niguel, California.

You can find Jen leading coaching calls, and group sessions, as well as teaching one of The Green Door's many movement classes.