The Green Door Life Team


Jocelyn Sisco 

 Nutrition & Success Coach 


Jocelyn has always been very active and this has continued to be an integral part of her adult lifestyle. She grew up playing many sports from youth through high school with a focus on gymnastics and swim team. Now at 43, a wife and mom of 2 teenagers, Jocelyn still loves being active. You can find her hiking around the hills in her neighborhood, walking her Frenchie, strength training at the gym or dancing anywhere! Being active came naturally to her although Jocelyn knew she needed to start making positive changes on the nutrition side which led her to Green Door Lifestyle. 


The Green Door Lifestyle offered her an abundance of knowledge, support, positivity as well as a devoted community which instantly had her hooked. Now armed with even more knowledge of fitness, nutrition, wellness and mindset, Jocelyn is benefiting from the personal expansion in all categories resulting in her personal growth and the strong aspiration to help others see their potential too! 


Jocelyn graduated with a degree in Sociology from San Diego State University in 2002. Her studies have a direct correlation to the way she responds to work and life. Jocelyn loves to focus on the "how" and "why" and she loves people!  She has the constant desire to want to learn and grow and has a passion for helping other women become the best versions of themselves. She thrives on connection and the value of building others up! 


At the age of 29 Jocelyn was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis. This diagnosis gave her even more of a reason to prioritize fitness, health, wellness and mindset. Jocelyn accepted this diagnosis as a challenge to better herself. 


You can find Jocelyn sweating it up with the community in the live strength training sessions as well as leading private clients through their transformation journey’s.