The Green Door Life Team


Kat Martucci

 Nutrition Coach


Kat is passionate about helping her clients achieve their potential and beyond. She knew from a young age that she wanted to be a fitness instructor and personal trainer, she has always been interested in health & fitness. As a young girl she grew up on the ice skating rink and practiced ballet. As she got older she practiced martial arts, and yoga. Kat discovered Circus arts in 2011 and quickly fell in love with Aerial Acrobatics. When Kat discovered the Green Door Life in 2022 it changed her life in every aspect imaginable: She lost 25 lbs, became the athlete of her dreams, a more patient mother, a better friend, a better wife and a more efficient business owner.


Kat received her certifications in:

  • ACE Group Fitness Certifications

  • Yoga Alliance 200 hour Certifications

  • TRX Certified

Kat has spent the last decade teaching

  • Elementary & Middle School PE

  • TRX

  • Boot Camp

  • Yoga

  • Aerial Yoga

  • Aerial: Lyra, Silks & Pole

  • Handstands

  • Contortion


Kat is a dedicated mother and partner who loves the outdoors and being creative. She attended the Art Institute for Fashion design, is a 3rd generation seamstress and received her Jewelry Technician Certification through REVERE Academy. Kat owned and operated her first business Kat Martucci Designs for 11 years before Aerial Arts and motherhood took over her heart space.  As a serial Entrepreneur she opened Napa Aerial Fitness in 2018 a boutique aerial gym dedicated to the performing arts. She understands the importance of self care for sustained energy and emotional state to handle the day to day tasks and decisions with confidence. When you love your job you will never work a day in your life.


Personal Discoveries Through Nutritional Awareness

  • Recovery - I now know that nutrition can heal. In the past I worked to exhaustion every day. And had a constant injury. I tore my meniscus in my knee and that sadly catapulted me into an endless cycle of terrible food restrictions and more injury. With the fear of weight gain I juice fasted even more. I believed that I need an entire day of rest with no movement and feet up to rest from the week and sometimes that was not even enough to feel ready for the week. What I learned through GDL is I was so wrong! Now I have more energy to train, to accomplish more at home, and most importantly I am happier, happier at home and happier at work. 


  • I think a big part of my identity now is being sober. Growing up in Reno close with my older siblings I started drinking at a young age and it just became a part of who I was then. I drank at all the parties, I was the fun girl, the party girl and I was super good at it. Not to mention I was married to a wine maker for 10 years. After my super successful sister passed away from liver failure at the age of 49 , I realized I was next if I didn’t change. Now that I am sober I realized I have been missing out on an amazing life for far too long. Everything has improved, my health, my relationship, my business and my energy.


  • Ex vitamin queen. Come to find out I didn’t need all those vitamins, I needed protein and carbohydrates. I took it all: glucosamine, magnesium, holy Basil, multivitamin, omega, & others. But the two things I wasn’t eating was getting enough of was proteins and carbs. Literally eating fibrous and fats with an occasional egg was causing me to be exhausted, perform terribly and I jut easily.