The Green Door Life Team


Lisa Kirby

  Co-Founder, Coach and Operations Expert



We’ve all heard the saying that managing your bodyweight follows the 80/20 rule:  80% diet and 20% exercise. But, what does that really mean? As one of the Liscensed Diet Doc Clinician at The Green Door Life, I’m here to help you navigate your journey of discovering that answer and finding a balanced solution that works uniquely for you!


Over 15 years ago, I found myself drawn to the health and fitness industry, working at training facilities for professional athletes, weekend warriors, exercise newbies, and everything in between. With such a heavy focus on physical performance for so many years, I was delighted to find the missing pieces to the puzzle – nutrition and mentality – upon joining the Diet Doc Lifestyle team and further Co-Founding The Green Door Life LLC. I’ve gone through the program myself and beyond the obvious physical results that I have achieved, as a mother of two young boys, I was equally excited about the seemingly endless non-scale victories: better sleep, increased and consistent energy all day long (for real), more patience, less anxiety, and a healthy, positive outlook… the list goes on and on.


At the heart of coaching is the primary objective to support and inspire people, which is a lifelong passion that I have pursued as evidenced by my choice of undergraduate studies in psychology, graduate studies in education, and current employment in higher education, in which I mainly support the wellness program for faculty and staff. Now, as the licensed Diet Doc Weight Loss Clinician for The Green Door Life extended network, as well as for my local community of Clemmons, North Carolina and greater Winston-Salem area, I can apply my unique background and work experience to maximizing your goals. 


Don’t like working out? No problem! Would you rather be in a Crossfit class than a desk job? Me too. I’ve got you covered, and you can eat carbs again! Don’t want to give up wine and cookies? Don’t worry… you don’t have to! I want you to experience the same freedom of eating to achieve your body composition goals while still accommodating your lifestyle choices. 


In particular, if you are a mama-to-be, recently post-partum, and/or a parent who would like specialized assistance with achieving your goals while still keeping a happily fed family, I am excited to share with you all the tips I’ve gathered along the way!


I am thrilled at the opportunity to join you on this journey of self discovery – it is so much more than just food; the powerful connection of mind and body has never been more widely recognized. When our bodies feel good from the inside out, we have more energy, more clarity, and more confidence… a cascade of positive effects that are completely achievable through this program!

You can find me hosting our weekly nutrition and personal development group calls, as well as sharing my knowledge and support in the community board.