The Green Door Life Team


Lisa Kirby

  Co-Founder, Coach and Operations Expert


Lisa is a sought-after NAMS certified, licensed Diet Doc permanent weight loss specialist, nutrition, mindset, training and lifestyle coach, and the co-founder of The Green Door Life along with Shannon Morse.

Her personal mission is to help women understand how to FUEL (not starve) their bodies, heal their relationship to food, and feed their families without fear.

She pulls her wisdom from over 20 years of experience fine-tuning her own physique and health through targeted nutrition and exercise, studying advanced training techniques with pro-athlete coaches, and helping 1,000's build muscle, increase energy, and feel comfortable and confident in clothes... to navigate for LIFE!

She believes physical health is attainable for all and a prerequisite for mental health and spiritual growth. By unlocking one's unique nutrition and movement needs, the doorway to self-actualization is inevitable.

Outside of coaching, Lisa is the mastermind behind The Green Door Life's operations, systems optimization, marketing and communications, weekly newsletters, social media curation, and content strategies.

When she's not talking about nutrition and women's health, Lisa enjoys her family time as a mother of two boys, ages 10 and 6, residing right outside of Austin, Texas with her husband, Chandley. Although they are now in Texas, Lisa spent many formative years in the San Francisco Bay Area where a majority of her online clients currently live.