The Green Door Life Team


 Shannon Morse

  Co-Founder, Coach and Chief Visionary


Shannon’s interest, desire and personal commitment to educating and developing the potential in her clients through nutrition, physical fitness and awareness stems from her belief that the body has endless possibilities when fueled and treated properly. 

Her journey began over two decades ago when she was introduced to Pilates, a form of strengthening the body’s core movements through stretching, exercise, and muscle activation. This led Shannon into the fields of personal training at both the group and individual levels. 

She received her certifications:

  • Pilates and personal training through BASI (Body Arts and Science International). (600hrs)
  • NPTI (National Personal Training Institute). (800hrs)
  • NASM (National Association of Sports Medicine) (300hrs) As her interests and skills in the practice grew, she expanded her practice to the classroom and became an instructor, teaching the NASM curriculum ( a 300 hour practical application and classroom coursework) to those interested in becoming NASM certified personal trainers. She is the founder of Ahmiel Personal Training Education and NASM certification prep.
  • Licensed Diet Doc Permanent Weight Loss Program clinician. Shannon understood the importance of diet and nutrition in the entire fitness equation. She came to realize that nutrition was the key to unlocking the body’s true potential when combined with a proper training program. Upon her further research and education, she became a licensed Diet Doc Permanent Weight Loss Program clinician for the San Francisco Bay Area. The addition of the Diet Doc Program allowed her to expand her knowledge and provide additional services for her clients.
  • Quantum Healing Trauma Release Clinician through the Bridge to Mastery Institute. A year course curriculum to work with the energetic aspects of trauma release and behavioral change. 
  • Landmark Graduate of the forum, advanced course, and communications course. 
  • Additional Certifications for Reiki, Heart Centered Therapy, and additional strength training as continued education.
  • Her current studies include: Tantra Kriya, and Ayurveda 

As a lifelong learner and practitioner, Shannon has continued to increase her knowledge and understanding of the body, her conviction to nutrition, fitness and energetic awareness has also expanded. Shannon customizes her clients’ plans to their unique bodies and lifestyle requirements. She implements a pragmatic approach for proper and balanced nutrition, a disciplined training or exercise regimen, and the application of proper form and technique to bring together an integrated experience. 


Applying these three pillars of health, Shannon has proven to all her clients that the body has endless possibilities. Not just for the athletes—but for all of us, every day.

The idea of The Green Door Life took form, when Shannon came to understand that not one person will have the capacity to support another in all of the tenants of health. The Green Door Life has, as a result, grown into a space where a community can flourish through the support of an expanded ecosystem of coaches, community members, and science based education. 

You will find Shannon inside the Green Door Community leading classes such as strength training, meditation, nutrition, and habit change along side The Green Door Life community and team members.