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Step into your role as a leader by freeing yourself from fear and indecision. 


Through expert coaching and inspiring community support, the Titan Leadership Program will remove the most destructive obstacles that hold you back from being an effective leader and creating a life of purpose and fulfillment.

This 12-week coaching experience empowers you to create the blueprint for achieving your personal and professional goals and, more importantly, becoming the leader your family, team, and business deserve.

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To the Seeker of Clarity, Vitality, Confidence, and Purpose 

Being a Leader is a Sacred Agreement.

For some, leadership comes naturally. 

For others, rising to the demands of a leadership position requires great effort and determination. 

Clarity of vision, passion towards one’s purpose, and confidence in one’s abilities are factors that ultimately drive one towards a feeling of worthiness to lead.

Fear of unworthiness is a symptom of your inability to leave behind thoughts and feelings from the past that don’t serve you – like guilt or shame.

Fear of unworthiness often impedes potential leaders from stepping up and serving those who need them the most – their families, teammates, and partners. 

It’s these same feelings of unworthiness that block us from stepping up and serving ourselves to the best of our abilities. 

If we do not assume a leadership position in our personal life, it becomes incredibly difficult to lead others effectively.

Titan Leadership 

By marrying the data-driven, scientific methodologies of Western Medicine (peer-reviewed scientific research and clinical trials) with the more ethereal and experiential principles of Eastern Medicine (holistic health, mindfulness, and community), we apply a holistic approach to health and wellness to your daily life.  

This increase in physical, mental, and emotional well-being empowers you to uncover the forces which drive you the most and to clarify a vision for your ideal life: 

  • Your physical health provides vitality, confidence, and longevity.
  • Your mental and emotional well-being instills clarity and direction.
  • These factors, together, empower you to make definite decisions and create solutions that enable you to live a life of passion and purpose.

More importantly, you can free yourself from fear and unworthiness, permitting yourself to consistently show up in a powerful way for yourself, as well as, for the people who depend on you the most – YOUR TEAM.

Here's how it works:

  • We empower you to organize and allocate your time and energy towards the most important action items while eliminating distractions.
  • Directing your team requires open and honest dialogue. Leaders are taught to operate in full ownership of their responsibilities allowing them to maintain effective communication with team members.
  • Creating action plans and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) are essential components in team management. Those skillsets begin with first tracking and owning your personal metrics and action plans.

This is high-level transformation, and it is not only a pre-requisite to leadership but the solemn duty of every leader.

The Titan Leadership Principles

Our signature system for empowering leaders is based on three principles: 



Dial-in on your movement and behavioral patterns while leveraging technique to amplify performance.



Manage adrenaline and 10X your confidence as you zero in on your highest value actions with clarity and purpose.



Execute with competence and confidence because you now have a solid system for problem-solving, a clear and compelling purpose for taking action, as well as ample energy to perform consistently over time.

Meet Your Instructor

Enrique Gonzalez

Enrique spent the early part of his adult life struggling to understand why some people seemed to succeed in their personal and professional lives while others, like himself, worked diligently for no tangible rewards.

His overarching need to learn why few people prosper while the majority of his peers tended to give in to lives of poor health, financial scarcity, and painful relationships led him to study the patterns and ways of being of the most successful people in the world.

Enrique began testing and measuring, applying these patterns of behavior to his own life. These shifts in behavior prompted him to seek more guidance from peer-reviewed research, mentors, coaching programs, and mastermind groups. For more than 20 years, this lifestyle of trial and error has empowered him to undergo increasingly larger and more profound changes in his personal and professional life.

Enrique is now a serial entrepreneur and strategy coach. His experience in team building spans several industries including health and wellness, real estate, food and beverage, fashion, technology and entertainment.

His true passion lies in enriching the lives of others through the application of the Titan Principles and he is proud to have served thousands of executives, athletes and household leaders throughout his 15+ years as an elite coach.

Explore the Curriculum 


The Titan Leadership Program is a 12-week intensive coaching experience that includes an interactive digital course with an in-depth group coaching component. You'll also receive 3 bonus integration weeks to help apply what you've learned in real-time and reconvene with time to discuss strategies for continuous improvement.



Weeks 1-4 

  • We take you through a series of audits and self-assessments to identify your dominant behavioral patterns and determine a baseline for your overall effectiveness.
  • You create a Vision specific to what you ultimately want from your life.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are determined and tracked in terms of effectiveness and consistency on our private coaching platform.
  • Together we develop a personalized system for improving your physical health, your mental acuity, and your emotional well-being.


  • Increased awareness of how you operate on any given day. 
  • Increased competence and technical knowledge of movement and behavioral patterns. 
  • You have optimized your daily patterns and created space for growth. 
  • Your focus is sharpened, and you are ready to accelerate your growth.


You move with purpose and efficiency throughout the day while enjoying more clarity and energy. 

You are more present in your relationships, more focused in your work and, physically, you are balanced and highly mobile.


Weeks 5-8 

  • Specific threats to your continued success and productivity are identified and neutralized through an ongoing series of exercises designed to stretch you both intellectually and emotionally, as well as physically.
  • Together, we create Action Plans specific to your personal and professional ambitions while tracking their overall effectiveness.
  • Organizational tools and resources are employed through our private coaching platform to support you in creating an overall structure for how you invest your time and energy. 


  • Increased power production has vastly expanded your long-term sustainability. 
  • You have removed your heaviest obstacles to growth and focus is now directed towards your highest value targets.


Your attention span has increased, empowering your professional growth and deepening your personal development.


Weeks 9-12 

  • You take your Team through a series of audits and self-assessments to identify their collective behavioral patterns and determine a baseline for their overall effectiveness.
  • You create a Vision specific to your Team’s collective goals and create the space for them to grow as both individuals and teammates.
  • KPIs and Actions Plans are determined and tracked for effectiveness so that you can direct your Team with clarity and confidence.
  • You become the Leader you are meant to be.


  • Total ownership of your responsibilities as a Leader. 
  • You have a clear picture of where you are taking your Team and why. 


You operate on a heightened level of clarity, efficiency and power. 

You no longer notice obstacles, only opportunities for growth. 

You are physically sound and mentally sharp, unafraid to lead your team through challenges. 

You’re a Titan.

What People Are Saying


"By challenging your clients, they learn more about themselves & achieve great results"


“Your coaching has been so well-geared to my needs & your understanding of what I want & need both physically & emotionally have made all the difference. I’ve learned new ways to challenge myself, have more self-confidence and feel really good about all the progress I’ve made in spite of the ups & downs I've gone through both physically & mentally. You are a great coach who understands the needs & abilities of his clients. You work hard to maximize what your clients can do, you help your clients learn what their potential is, and you really teach them to think outside of their conceived capabilities. By challenging your clients, they learn more about themselves & achieve great results.”


-Phyllis Marcus, Founder and CEO of PMarcus Consulting

Brooklyn Heights, NY

"I'm valuing my time more and enjoying much higher levels of productivity. My energy levels are incredible!"


“If you truly want to change where you're at now, this is the man to work with! I have worked through some deep internal workings to get to where I am, and my overall feeling of self-worth has greatly increased. I'm valuing my time more and enjoying much higher levels of productivity. My energy levels are incredible. I now deeply understand and actually feel the value of my time and energy and I'm ensuring that I invest it properly on the most important things.”


-Seth Rozman, Founder and CEO of US AED Supplies

Manchester, CT

"His commitment inspired me. I recommend him highly as a coach!


“Enrique is a total professional. He takes his role seriously, always comes prepared and is extremely thoughtful about your goals and how best to achieve them. He is incredibly reliable, and his commitment inspired me to be the most regular I have ever been about my overall health and wellness. I could not recommend him more highly as a coach.”


-Katie Smith Roberts, Founder and CEO of The Delta

Cobble Hill, NY

This is NOT  

a one-time solution for “getting motivated.” 

This IS 

A Personalized System of Pattern Development for Lifelong Growth and Problem Solving. 

Along with this 12-week course, you will receive expert coaching and peer support as we identify and remove obstacles to your overall growth, create systems to track key metrics, develop and manage action plans specific to your personal and professional goals and apply these same practical processes to your team ALL WHILE optimizing your energy systems, your brain health, mitigating your fear response and improving your overall sense of fulfillment.

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  • Ten 90-minute weekly group coaching calls ($5,000)
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  • Desktop accessibility + smartphone app to learn on-the-go ($300)

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