Tracking your food and beverage intake is one of the most effective methods of achieving performance, body composition, and health goals. Why? Not only does it hold us accountable, it brings awareness to our eating habits as we collect information on exactly what we are eating and how much of it.

Knowing our input (food/beverage intake) helps us better predict our output (energy and performance). If these don't match up, your logging history will give you an idea on what to tweak, change, or do differently!

Throughout the duration of this course and beyond, you'll be using a kitchen food scale to weigh and track everything that you eat and drink in MyFitnessPal, aiming to stay in your "per meal macros" as noted in your macronutrient profile document.

Check out the video tutorials in this section so you can navigate the app with ease!

Let's get you all set up: 

Get your macro goals handy and follow along with the below tutorials to maximize the efficiency of the MyFitnessPal App.