Tools to Transform Your Relationship to Health

Without restricting food items or wasting time and energy on cookie cutter diets and training programs that just don't work.

Our clients reach their initial goals in 90 days or less and have the sustainable knowledge to navigate their health and nutrition for the rest of their lives!

12 weeks of nutrition coaching with lifetime access to our online nutrition course.

Choose Live or On Demand Training in our boutique virtual studio platform or receive customized training programs delivered through the Green Door Life Training App.

Habits and mindset support to solidify a

long-term lifestyle change.

Our Program Model

A curated all inclusive service providing personalized programs with a community experience.



Happy Young Man


Circus Performer

Phung is committed to his art and wants a plan in place to take his health and performance to the next level. He is exhausted often and eager to learn more about how balanced nutrition can fuel his unique training.

Professional Smiling Woman


Head of Sales / Caregiver

As a mother of three and a high performer at a demanding job, Courtney is done with crash diets that end in frustration, hunger, and weight gain. She is ready for a team of experts to show her the exact plan that will help her not only reach her health goals but also maximize her energy levels and performance at work and home.



Business Owner

Susan likes to try the latest crash diet and workout trends, moving from one thing to the next without sticking to a plan for very long. She is not committed to putting in the work to yield a lifestyle change just yet.

Headshot of Mid Adult Man


Caregiver / Tri-Athlete

Steve is extremely satisfied with his current body composition, which he has maintained for years. With low body fat, enough energy to take care of his kids, and a clean bill of health, he feels that his nutrition is on point. 

(He is ready for our Phase 2 program, though! More to come!)

Frequently asked questions

How long are coaching programs?

Our coaching programs are 12 weeks long which allow us to navigate all the experiences that live will throw your way!

How is coaching provided?

Depending on the program selected, coaching is delivered through video feedback, a community board, and/or phone calls.

Do I have to track what I eat?

Yes. In order for your coach to fully support your nutrition education and monitor your progress, we need to see what you are eating every day. We ask that you track your food and beverage intake using My Fitness Pal as it is the most user-friendly and robust database.

What if I feel like I need additional support?

We have a number of add-on services if you feel you need additional support in the form of training sessions, meal prep tutorials, grocery store navigation, and more! Just ask, and we will find a way to support you where needed.

Do I have to exercise in order to see a change in body composition?

Although you can absolutely see a change in overall health and body composition when focusing on nutrition alone, adding a training program into place will multiply results exponentially!

What kind of progress can I expect to see weekly if I have a fat loss goal?

If your goal is to reduce body fat, we typically see an average of 0.5-1lb fat loss per week. Some indivuduals will see more, some less. It depends on the individual, including their lifestyle, initial body weight and muscle mass, acitivity levels, and how well they can consistently implement the basics of the program.

How do I know which coaching program is right for me?

If you thrive in a community and love collabortion, then the group coaching is for you. If you want a personalized experience that provides a team who are dedicated to you and only you, the private coaching is for you! If you're still unsure about which coaching program is right for you, please book a discovery call so that we can recommend the best option for your unique lifestyle and goals.

Do I have to give up any of my favorite foods or beverages?

We do not prescribe or restrict any food items. Instead we empower you with the education of the impact of nutrition chioces so that you can make an educated decision. We do not believe in restriction, but rather mindful and intuitive decision making.


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