The Green Door Life Team


Phoenix Paz

Stretching & Flexibility Instructor


Phoenix Paz has taught stretching and flexibility, acrobatics, handstands, and dance since 2014.  She joined the Green Door Life community as a stretching coach in 2020 through the invitation of Shannon Morse, who she met at Circus Center of San Francisco, where they both trained handstands.  

A Bay Area native, Phoenix competed on the varsity ballroom dance teams at Cornell University in New York and University of Oxford in England before she started pole dance and circus arts in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2013. In 2014, she took her circus training to the next level, training contortion and handstands at the Circus Center of San Francisco.  In 2017, Phoenix moved to Colombia and discovered a passion for martial arts and breaking dancing, both of which she continues to practice today. 

Phoenix deeply believes in the interconnectivity between mind, body, and spirit and adores the vision of the Green Door Life which celebrates that connection in all its diverse forms.  She is thrilled to be a part of such a supportive community and network of such strong and inspiring individuals. 

Recently graduated with a Masters’ in Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Medellin in Colombia, Phoenix feels that her role with the GDL perfectly complements her academic pursuits. She studies the connection between people’s physical experience of the cities in which they live, the infrastructures that connect them (both physical and virtual), and their social relations.  She seeks to understand how conflicts can be peaceably resolved and violence mitigated by using our physical experiences to build understanding between individuals. The GDL is a prime example of how a virtual infrastructure can foster community, self-growth, and help people integrate their mental, physical, and spiritual experiences of the world.