A Masters Guide To Meal Prep: 


Macronutrient meal planning and prep for your goals and your life! 


The body is a miraculous machine. This e-book is designed to empower you with the basic knowledge of creating a meal plan for yourself along with all the necessary information regarding, cooking, storing, weighing of foods, types of foods and their purpose, portions of foods, your schedule, food choices, along with calculated ranges for your body and activity level.


What would it be like if you treated your body with the consistency that some of us treat our cars, oil changes, regular tune ups, and gas only when we need it? This body of ours is our permanent car, and we only get one. This is an invitation to educate yourself on how to prime your permanent vehicle into a well-oiled and maintained machine.  



Shopping List Excel Sheet

3 & 6 Day Meal Planning Excel Sheet

Kung Fu Kitchen E-Book