Shadow Awakening 

Are you tired of replaying old conditioning and generational trauma, preventing you from connecting more deeply to your heart and your truest potential?

Join us in this 10-week online course and coaching experience to Awaken Your Shadow.

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To the Seeker of Connection and Inner Wisdom

This course is for those looking to dive deeper into their own psychology, their inner wounds, or repressed traumas that are holding them back in life. The course is designed for coaches, healers, or anyone who is ready to be given a shovel and shown how to dig for their own gold within their hearts to reveal how powerful they can become with an awakened shadow. The tools provided to you will help you to create access points to limiting beliefs, buried traumas, and creating a new dialogue with your inner critic. 

If you're one of those people who have shifted your diet, changed your workouts, and even altered your entire lifestyle, but deep down you feel there is still something missing or that you know is not right… then this is the course for you. 

The greater question to ask yourself is how can you know your own light without knowing your darkness… This course is for people that are ready to discover that line between the yin and yang for a complete connection, melding the middle way path of inner wisdom and a balanced life of equanimity. 

The Framework To Shadow Awakening


The Shadow Awakening course provides you with the means to recognize self sabotaging behaviors and change them. You will learn to develop a new dialogue with your inner critic (or shadow), so that instead of fighting your shadow and having it take you off course it can become your ally or guide.

  • Quantum Thinking
  • Breathwork
  • Shadow Work
  • Shadow Awakening
  • Boundaries
  • Gender Awareness
  • Emotional Mastery
  • Logical Fallacies
  • Vision Quest

You cannot know your own true light without embracing your dark side and the wisdom cultivated in this course will help guide you to becoming a more whole and complete person on your path to awakening your shadow. 


Meet Your Instructor

Odysseus began his journey into shadow work many years ago as a fitness/life coach. He holds a degree from San Diego State University in Kinesiology- emphasizing fitness, nutrition, and health, as well as multiple certifications in physical and group training. He has helped 1,000’s of men and women get into the best shape of their lives with fitness, diet, and lifestyle programs that have reshaped people’s lives from the inside out. 

He has been a coach for nearly 20 years and attributes much of his success to being exposed to many of Hollywood's elite coaches as a child behind the scenes on movie and TV sets. He built his own custom coaching facility at the age of 24 which he ran for 11 years in Novato, CA  and eventually opened a  2nd private corporate facility with one of the largest female owned corporations in the SF Bay Area ($130M/year). 

He realized that simply eating healthy and exercising were not enough to overcome internal barriers and began incorporating mindset/shadow work coaching into his practice to cultivate the programs he uses today to help people get to the root of their problems.

His favorite part of coaching is sharing with others the tools for what is known in Japanese as “Satori,” a sudden enlightenment. He believes that by simply engaging in, and maintaining a consistent practice, anyone can come to a space of deep inner knowing and cultivate what he calls a connection to the higher self. 

His long term goals include developing a retreat center, leading vision quests, and creating spaces in nature for others to cultivate deep inner healing through a blend of both Eastern and Western practices of psychology, medicine, and wisdom. 

Explore the Curriculum 

The Shadow Awakening Course is a 10-Week virtual and interactive journey that enriches every dimension of your well-being with the support of coaches guiding your journey every step of the way.

This course is a simple, dynamic, and overall empowering experience for anyone who engages in the content. It provides you with not only the tools, but how to apply these tools to your day to day life so you can get the maximum results overcoming your internal barriers. Not only will you break down barriers but you’ll also establish stronger boundaries in your life helping you to amplify your mental, physical, and emotional health/well being. The course will specifically help you dig deeper into what may be holding you back below the surface in your own mind, be it subconsciously or even unconsciously. 

What many people may not realize is that for many years of their life, their shadow has been running the show from behind the scenes of their life. This is happening while they keep engaging in the same self sabotaging behaviors, allowing their inner critic to guide their life, attracting the same abusive relationships, or simply living their lives with poor boundaries, and they are nearly unconscious while doing it. 

You will also learn how you may be out of balance in your masculine or feminie nature causing you to have breakdowns in your personal boundaries and relationships. The details of this course will show you how to recognize these breakdowns and how to establish a new lifestyle to allow yourself access to creating the life you’ve always dreamed of and most importantly deserved. 

Primary Goals Of This Course:

  1. Provide you the tools to access your shadow, manage your emotions, establish boundaries, and how to use them effectively.
  2. Give you the confidence to handle what may come up when accessing and integrating the shadow or repressed trauma stored as emotions.
  3. Awaken your greatest potential by accessing repressed emotional energy, harnessing it to heal, and learning to use your shadow as a guide rather than saboteur.

What You Get

10-Week Coaching Program

  • Easy-to-follow weekly video lessons packed with advanced yet accessible insights on Quantum thinking, shadow work, emotional mastery and breath practices
  • Lifetime Access to the 10-Week Educational Course (Value $350)
  • 16 group coaching calls with replays available on demand & 2 Integration Weeks (Includes Vision Quest Exercise) (Value $850)
  • Additional access to coaches for support through Private Community Forum (Value $300)
  • Weekly Group Meditation and Breath-work sessions ($150 per month)
  • Access to over 100 On-Demand Meditations + The Green Door Life's Complimentary All Access Pass (Value $1,000 per month)
  • Smartphone App (Apple or Android) to learn on the go (Value $100)
  • Desktop Version, iPad app and Apple TV (Value $100)

What People Say

"Tangible Results While Reaching Your Highest Potential.”

Odysseus offers an impactful ground up course for making real & practical changes in your life. If you simply follow what Ody clearly lays out you will find yourself unsticking real issues that are stopping you from reaching your personal goals. He is kind, confident, incredibly knowledgeable, and focused on helping you get tangible results while reaching your highest potential.
- Curtis

"My Life Changed for the Better!" 

I reached out to Odysseus when I was at an all time low in my life. Going through a severe heartbreak is never easy to overcome. Each session I had with him made me rethink my outlook on myself and life. I had to completely change my actions and thoughts in order to get through my depression. My life changed for the better and in me doing the work that he  taught me I in return can now say that I am a much happier person. I am stronger in so many ways. I currently am in a healthy relationship. However, If I have anything that comes up that triggers past issues I resort to what he taught me. The breathing exercises work wonders! If anyone is going through any self hardships I recommend working with Odysseus. He was a huge help to my path to happiness!

- Lindsay 


 "An integral part of helping me, my family, and employees perform at their best."

If you are a business owner who is struggling to maintain your wellness or have a team of employees who need support, I highly recommend Odysseus Andrianos. His speeches, wellness challenges, and coaching programs have been an integral part of helping me, my family, and employees perform at their best. He is passionately dedicated to supporting his clients and guiding them on their journey to improved performance. 

- Leslie CEO WBE Electric 

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