The Green Door Life Team


Stacey Zawoyski

Strength Training & Nutrition Coach


Stacey is a lover! She thrives to assist people through their journey whether it be
through listening whole heartedly as to what they want to share vocally or listening through her fingertips in her Bodywork business.

She loves all things movement. She holds a 500E-RYT designation through Yoga
Alliance, she’s taught yoga, hot Pilates, strength classes and has recently added Spenga which is a mix of spin strength and yoga to her repertoire. She is fascinated by the body. She is CAMTC certified and has well over 500 hours in Bodywork training.

She believes each body is it’s own unique universe and is an explorer when it comes to her bodywork clients, treating the body as a whole and not just the symptoms.

In early 2021 Stacey came to The Green Door Life as a client going through her own personal struggles. She quickly fell in love with this community and often wondered how she could become part of GDL’s team. In early 2022 her wishes came true when she was asked to audition for a strength coach! In mid 2022, she inquired with Shannon if she recommended a coaching program and the response she received was the complete vision she had to be apart of the team fully manifested!

Outside of her work life, Stacey loves to be with her family...fur babies included, hiking, biking, enjoying the outside, wining and dining with friends out on the town!

You can find Stacey teaching our strength training classes as well as joining in on our other virtual classes throughout the week! 

Personal Discoveries Through Nutritional Awareness

  • I'm a foodie first and foremost. I love nothing more than to go out to eat with friends and family, to enjoy great wine and or a cocktail. Learning how to balance this has always been a struggle for me which led to me being extremely good and then extremely bad which in turn led to the yo yo effect of weight loss/gain.

Through awareness of nutrition, and removing the idea of "good" or "bad", I have learned to enjoy my social gatherings all while reaching my goals of balance and overall health. 

  • Being active has never been a struggle, in my 20's I was devoted to the gym life, in my 30's I found yoga and in my 40's I got a Peloton. I loved my Peloton and was doing a ton of cardio during my divorce and the pandemic, I used to believe that was the way to maintain being thin.. I also overexercised thinking this would be another way to stay thin and to be able to enjoy the foods I wanted to eat. I would end up working out around 3 sometimes 4 hours a day doing swim-power or hot yoga-hot pilates, hiking, jogging etc.

Through the movement education delivered inside the Green Door Life, I realized that rest was just as important for recovery and performance as the workout itself. This has transformed not only my body and energy, but the way that I view training overall.