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We provide customized strength training and conditioning programs specific to your body type and goals regardless of your age, fitness level, or access to equipment. Our results-driven workouts are delivered to you immediately through our app so you don't waste hours in the gym without a plan while wondering if your exercise is effective,

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Training Made Easy  

Our programs are designed for everyone - from busy professionals, parents, and fitness enthusiasts to performance athletes. With workouts tailored for your fitness level, equipment access, body type, goals, and schedule, all you have to do is show up and follow the programming in the app.

A Training Program Designed for You

With over 500+ Videos complete with form cues and muscles activated, training with us becomes easy. Just open your app and let us do the thinking for you. 

Progress towards your fitness goals with a clear plan, whether you are looking to build strength, improve stabilization and mobility, or improve overall body composition.

Your Instructors & Coaches

With Support Like This, You'll Never Want to Leave

The Green Door Life brings you passionate teachers in every category of health. Whether your focus is fitness, weight loss, mindfulness, flexibility, or mobility, we seek out inspirational, high-touch instructors who get up every day, embodying what they teach, and excited to share it with the world.

Shannon Morse

NASM, NPTI, & BASI (Pilates) Certified Personal Trainer

Gio Miramontes

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

How It Works


Training With You In Mind

Every 12 weeks, our team will design a customized program for you and build it out for you in our training app. No more dealing with printing out your workouts or writing your reps and sets on the back of your hand. We'll include strength training, HIIT workouts, and recommended steady state cardio sessions based on your goals, time constraints, and equipment. 

The Green Door Life's training app combines the power of a consistent workout schedule and ease of tracking progress whether it be strength, steps, sleep, nutrition or habits.

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How to Start Your Training


Step 1. Take the Self-Assessment


Building your personalized training program begins with our intake form and health assessment that helps you identify where you're thriving and where you need to apply more deliberate focus and attention as it relates to your training schedule and goals.

This assessment helps you and the Green Door team to build an honest and structured roadmap for your strength, mobility, and body composition goals.



Step 2. Download The App & Login


Once registered, you will receive an invitation to download The Green Door Life App (listed as Trainerize / "Fitness App" in Google Play or the Apple App Store) from your smart phone. Create an account and you’re good to go. All program schedules will be available to you within 7 business days from receiving your assessment form. 


Step 3. Start Your Training

Get started with your training, complete with warm up when applicable, and accessory exercises to recruit the essential muscles to meet your goals. 



Step 4. Track Your Progress


Our Training App allows you to track your progress through progress photos, body composition measurements, and weights lifted. All located in one convenient location within your training account. 


Step 5. Training That Evolves With You 


Every 12 weeks, we will provide a new training program based on your progress and desired goals. You won't find any cookie cutter program heres. Our workouts are based on progressive training principles, which grow and change as you do!

Setting Up Your Home Gym?

Check out our recommended equipment for all levels of fitness to build out your home gym experience. 

What People Say

Every week, we watch transformations unfold inside our training app.

"The information and guidance we are receiving is priceless" 

This is the most holistic program I have done. Previously 
I have been given a diet to follow without any education on why I am eating certain foods and when. There was very little education behind it and being green, I didn't ask questions. 

The information and guidance we are receiving is priceless. The tools that we are being given will last us for a lifetime, allowing us to be the healthiest version of ourselves possible. We have an abundance of education here! Make the most of it! 

Kylie J.

Sandhurst, Australia

"Seriously life changing" 

The enormous amount of support from the coaches. Seriously can't say enough good things about how responsive the coaches are. How non-judgmental/understanding Shannon and Lisa are and the crazy amount of knowledge they have around food/body.

Seriously life changing, wish I had met the two of you sooner! Thanks for being such great coaches and looking forward to continuing the journey!

Ashley G.

Palo Alto, California

"Removed limited expectations for fitness at 65 years old!"

Thank you again for jump starting my fitness as a mature adult. The transformation in my torso and arms is amazing. Body image I had taken as a given was totally shaken up, and I feel I have removed limitations to expectations for fitness at 65 years old!

Lisa H.

Sacramento, California

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$800/per year

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