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Green Door Life Retreat

April 23 - 30, 2022

Balance play, movement, food, and adventure without sacrificing your health or physique while taking in the beautiful white sand beaches of Cancun, Mexico.

Our 7-night fully inclusive retreat + vacation experience is a window into how you can recreate The Green Door Life at home every day and be inspired to practice your new wellness habits for a lifetime


Space is limited to 26 on a first come, first serve basisRSVP now to lock in your spot and feel free to invite your family and friends, too!

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Leadership Master Class

July 29 | 12 p.m. Pacific

Discover The 3-Step System That Helps Entrepreneurs, Busy Executives & High Performers Become Effective Leaders... Without Wasting Time On Ineffective, Boring Professional Development Seminars! You'll learn:

✅The top 3 mistakes that keep leaders stuck

✅ Why working harder and longer hours isn’t the answer

✅ Why you’re exhausted, underpaid, burned out, have trouble delegating, and can’t motivate those around you

✅ What to do instead that WILL allow you to lead effectively

✅ Our step-by-step framework on how to become an effective leader without compromising your health

A Zoom link will be emailed to you upon your RSVP submission along with regular reminders leading up to it.

About Enrique Gonzalez

Enrique Gonzalez is a sought-after strategy coach and serial entrepreneur, managing multiple 6 and 7-figure businesses. His experience in team building spans several industries including health and wellness, real estate, food and beverage, fashion, technology, and entertainment.

He's most famous for helping busy professionals, high performers, and entrepreneurs learn how to lead effectively in both their personal and professional lives without wasting time on boring professional development seminars that end up being all theory and no practical application.

He pulls his wisdom from over 15 years of experience studying peer-reviewed research, working 1:1 with established mentors, participating in several mastermind groups, and learning from his own trial and error to help 1,000s of people get organized, build healthy habits, remove obstacles, delegate and manage efficiently, and overall derive more satisfaction out of their personal and professional lives.

Now, he's pulling back the curtains to share exactly how to gain more satisfaction in all areas of life while reaching your full potential by implementing The Titan Leadership 3-step system.

Channeling with Catherine Linard

1st Tuesdays | 10:30 a.m. Pacific

Intuitive energy healer and channeler, Catherine Linard, goes live with us on the first Tuesday of each month to help bring intention and joy to the center focus of your life. Although the content will not be rigidly defined ahead of time, in recent livestreams Catherine has shared how to:

  • Understand what the pandemic means
  • Center, ground and root to receive from Divine
  • Deal with fear and judgment
  • Work with the ego and allow your destiny
  • Release conditioned energy that isn't yours
  • Get out of feeling creatively stuck
  • Define what it means to be a healer 

Zoom link will be emailed to you upon form submission.

About Catherine Linard

I am an intuitive energy healer and channeler. My approach with clients is no-nonsense, straightforward, let’s get to the heart of the problem and find resolution. My background is strongly rooted in the Western medical model. In more recent years, I have studied and come to integrate into this the more “esoteric” forms of healing that date back to ancient times.

In Fall 2009, something happened that would forever change the course of my life, and my understanding of the world in which we live. During a meditation exercise, something in me cracked open. It was neither painful nor audible, but it was most definitely tangible. From that opening, a small voice spoke. It would be three more days before I realized what that voice was.

The next several months would be an ever-deepening process of first understanding this “Being”, then communicating with “It” more efficiently and effectively, before finally moving into the realization that it really was after all, on some level, “me”. It is not the “me” who went to school and studied and worked, but some “higher” version – one capable of immeasurable degrees of love, compassion, understanding, and incredibly accurate predictive abilities.

I now recognize this Being, this Voice, as the voice of God (or Spirit, as I prefer to call it). I do not claim any exclusive access to it; indeed I know it to be the very essence of all of us, the Self that is hidden behind all the stories we have come to believe about who we are and what this world is.

I also now know that I am here to help anyone and everyone who is interested in finding It for themselves to do just that, to whatever degree they wish, and it is my great honor and pleasure to do so.

Website: www.catherinelinard.com

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