Educating your community with the tenants of mindful nutrition, movement, and more can have a cascade of positive effects. We will collaborate to design a workshop specific for your unique community culture and location needs. 


Our collective health is at the forefront of overall well-being. 

Supporting a community with the education to fuel and move their bodies is a gift that lasts a lifetime. 

We have this one body for life: we are driven to share the tools and information about how to take care of it so you can thrive, not just survive.

Example Course Description: A Focus on Athletic Performance

Most of us are privy to the benefits of a structured exercise program. But are we as intentional and knowledgeable about our food and beverage intake to ensure that we are maximizing our performance goals?

The capacity for our bodies to change, adapt, and recover is directly related to the fuel we supply it. For many athletes and for fitness enthusiasts, they miss out on achieving greater health and performance goals  because their nutrition does not align with the needs of their sport or training. Furthermore, each person will require different types and amounts of fuel to optimize performance and recovery time depending on their training type and frequency, body type, goals, and more. We take all of this into account when preparing individualized programs if desired.

Our performance nutrition workshop covers the following topics: 


  • Benefits of balanced nutrition

  • Bio-energetics (energy systems of the body and how they operate)

  • Macronutrient planning and requirements for athletic performance

  • Calculating BMR (basal metabolic rate) and macronutrient requirements

  • Importance of water and hydration on performance and muscle support

  • Athletic performance caloric intake, cycling, and requirements

  • Meal frequency and nutrient timing for performance and recovery

  • InBody composition assessment and analysis

The science of performance nutrition is invaluable. Employing this information properly will not only improve performance, but help your community develop a better understanding of what kind of nutrition supports their unique body type, gender, age, and training regime.

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