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Transform Your Body and Your Relationship to Food... Forever.

Navigating what to eat and how to move has never been more complicated in the history of our human species. Say goodbye to decision-making fatigue and food analysis paralysis when you join Awaken Your Nutrition, our signature 12-week program that includes the foundation of nutrition and exercise science education that we all should have received in kindergarten. 

Through 1-on-1 coaching, an online course, community support, live and on demand workouts, and a customized blueprint for achieving your initial health goals in 90 days or less, you'll never waste time again on fad diets or exercising excessively.

Most importantly, our holistic framework rewards you with a beautifully free perspective on food (truly... nothing is off limits here!) with the tools to make empowered decisions toward your health and vitality for a lifetime.

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Meet Your Instructors

Shannon Morse

Shannon spent the earlier part of her adult life struggling to understand why "clean eating" didn't result in feeling healthy or presenting the lean physique that she would expect despite spending hours a day exercising and moving as a motivated, busy personal trainer. 

Shannon's personal experience drove her to search out how she could use nutrition not only for health, but for body composition goals. Her research led her to understand that her nutritional practices went far deeper than health alone, it was a gateway to discovering limiting beliefs and how they manifested in our health and body composition. 

Through her personal research and her research working with thousands of clients, she discovered a framework to provide not only the science of how nutrition works in our body, but how we can create a whole new identity of self through the process. Breaking down old behavior patterns and healing through our relationship to food.

Lisa Kirby

Lisa also struggled with maintaining the physique she wanted during college and for many years afterward, constantly jumping from one exercise plan and fad diet to the next without seeing long-term results. With two kids, a full-time job, and a partner who worked 24 hour shifts, Lisa was tired of feeling burned out and seemingly betrayed by her body despite all the effort she was exerting.

With such a heavy focus on physical performance for so many years, Lisa was delighted to find the missing pieces to the puzzle – nutrition and mentality – upon joining The Green Door Life team.

After thriving on the program herself and beyond the obvious physical results achieved, Lisa was equally excited about the additional non-scale victories: better sleep, increased and consistent energy all day long (for real), more patience, less anxiety, and a healthy, positive outlook… the list goes on and on.

Whether Olympic athletes, Cirque de Soleil artists, elite company executives, or household CEOs: when the world’s top performers want to take their mental and physical health into their own hands, they turn to The Green Door Life Founders, Shannon Morse and Lisa Kirby.

As licensed Diet Doc LLC owners, our nutrition education is grounded in flexible dieting and macronutrient science.

To this day, we have helped thousands of people break free from restrictive eating habits, break up with yo-yo dieting, and break down any limiting beliefs around the physique they're able to achieve.

The Awaken Your Nutrition Framework

Our holistic approach to long-term weight management and food freedom integrates the following five pillars of health and successful behavioral change:

  • Nutrition
  • Movement
  • Mindset Training
  • Identifying Old Conditioning
  • Implementing New Habits

Instead of being the latest crash diet or quick fix tool, Awaken Your Nutrition gives you something far more valuable:

a permanent blueprint for unlocking your unique weight management and health code.

Using our 12-week nutrition science course as a foundation, you'll work with a coach every step of the way to implement your customized plan and discover what kind of food combinations work best for your preferences, lifestyle, training, and desired physique. Yes, you can have it all and have fun doing it! Nothing is off limits. 

By integrating your customized nutrition and exercise program with meditation, stress and sleep management, mindset and habit training, 1-on-1 coaching, and community support, Awaken Your Nutrition is your fool-proof way to reach your goals permanently in a cohesive and infinitely more rewarding manner that will positively affect every dimension of your life.

To the Seeker of Health, Vitality, and Food Freedom

Few paths are as rewarding as the quest to understand one’s own body and the structures that shape our ideal health.

Yet if you’ve been on this path for some time, it can also be wrought with frustration.

For instance how do you process the conflicting beliefs and theories of health shared in the media and through our familial upbringing? Beliefs that contradict themselves from one day to the next? 

How do you create balance and fulfillment in every dimension of your health, without sacrificing one for the other?

And how do you apply everything you learn to minimize energy swings and declining health - all while creating real impact in how you feel, perform, and show up in your daily life?

Enter Awaken Your Nutrition. 

By applying our results-driven, proven systems and nutrition science education to your daily life, you gain the empowered experience of the why behind your choices. Not because someone else told you, but because you gained the profound understanding of how a pattern of health fits for you as an individual. 

Awaken Your Nutrition presents an opportunity to start transforming every dimension of your life by starting with food - the doorway to reclamation of holistic health.

Explore the Curriculum 

Awaken Your Nutrition is a 12-week program that includes an interactive course, customized nutrition and exercise plan, 15+ weekly exercise classes and group calls (live and on-demand), and daily support from a team of results-driven coaches who are committed to your transformation.

The nutrition science education that we learned as coaches is exactly what you receive each week through a drip feed of bite-sized written and video lessons. But, we made it way more fun and relatable so you can actually become your own best nutrition coach!

Awaken Your Nutrition strikes a balance between science and intuitive eating. As you progress through each day, you’ll experience both a-ha moments that impact you on a deeply personal level as well as practical breakthroughs that noticeably amplify your performance, productivity, clarity of mind, and daily vitality.

By the end of the program, you can expect to emerge with a whole new perspective on yourself, your health, and your ability to transform.

What People Are Saying

"The information and guidance we are receiving is priceless" 

This is the most holistic program I have done. Previously 
I have been given a diet to follow without any education on why I am eating certain foods and when. There was very little education behind it and being green, I didn't ask questions. 

The information and guidance we are receiving is priceless. The tools that we are being given will last us for a lifetime, allowing us to be the healthiest version of ourselves possible. We have an abundance of education here! Make the most of it! 

Kylie J.

Sandhurst, Australia

"Seriously life changing" 

The enormous amount of support from the coaches. Seriously can't say enough good things about how responsive the coaches are. How non-judgmental/understanding Shannon and Lisa are and the crazy amount of knowledge they have around food/body.

Seriously life changing, wish I had met the two of you sooner! Thanks for being such great coaches and looking forward to continuing the journey!

Ashley G.

Palo Alto, California

"Removed limited expectations for fitness at 65 years old!"

Thank you again for jump starting my fitness as a mature adult. The transformation in my torso and arms is amazing. Body image I had taken as a given was totally shaken up, and I feel I have removed limitations to expectations for fitness at 65 years old!

Lisa H.

Sacramento, California

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Awaken Your Nutrition

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What You Get In Our 12-Week Signature Program, With Results To Last A Lifetime!

  • Easy-to-follow weekly video lessons packed with advanced yet accessible insights on health, nutrition, and mindset practices
  • Weekly live 1.5 hour Q&A calls with co-founders, Shannon Morse & Lisa Kirby
  • Lifetime access to the 12-week nutrition course ($555)
  • Personalized macronutrient and calorie ranges + sample meal plan with unlimited adjustments throughout program as needed ($480)
  • Twelve 30-minute weekly private coaching calls ($3,000)
  • 1:1 coach access via preferred method (text, email, voice notes, etc.) ($3,000)
  • Personalized training program delivered through our app ($450)
  • Complementary All Access Pass: unlimited membership to our 15+ weekly LIVE online exercise and wellness studio classes + hundreds of on-demand recordings for 12 weeks ($3,000)
  • Private community forum with access to 80+ community members ($300)
  • Desktop accessibility + smartphone app to learn on-the-go ($300)

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