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Woman in tech, turned circus performer, becomes a well-paid commercial actor after dropping 15 pounds in 2 months


High-level female executive can drink wine while reaching her goals after a lifetime of struggling to manage her weight.

Post-pregnancy body myths busted and energy sky-rocketed for this busy female executive and mother of two!



Graphic Designer loses over 20 pounds of fat in three months and keeps it off while healing his relationship to food.

Busy mom of two learns how to fuel her body for energy, fat loss, and muscle gain!

Ballet dancer builds glute strength and size all while staying lean and limber! 

"My Lifestyle has Transformed"


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"I Now Have the Knowledge and Understanding for a Lifetime!"

It's hard to pick just one takeaway because everything I've learned so far has been mind blowing, but I would have to say that one of the biggest things I've taken away from this program so far is that I now have knowledge and understanding (for a lifetime) of having a healthy relationship with food that I can enjoy to nourish, heal, and sustain a healthier body. I used to be overwhelmed by conflicting information about dieting and fitness, and now I see not only the big picture but an accurate one about how food + fitness fit together to impact weight loss, in my case, something that felt like such a big mystery to me. Dieting used to feel like an exhausting guessing game, a crapshoot that often yielded no results and if there were, I didn't know what worked that contributed to results, and it's no wonder the results didn't last long.

I feel so empowered now by a system and blueprint that I can adjust to guide my journey to better eating and a better version of myself. If there is one word this journey has given me: it's freedom! Freedom from misinformation, freedom from the exhaustion of guessing if something was going to work, freedom from the literal weight that I felt I was not in control of, and freedom to enjoy food and movement in totally new ways. I have never eaten more and felt more satisfied and lost weight at the same time, which just goes to show that I was doing so many things wrong (for one I am horrified to think of the amount of calories, fat, carbs, and protein I was over eating daily in the past - but not going to dwell on it!)

Thank you The Green Door Life for giving me a lifestyle, a system that is measured, and FREEDOM in so many ways to pursue my best life.

- Mona C. 

Lisa H.

"Thank you again for jump starting my fitness as a mature adult. The transformation in my torso and arms is amazing. Body image I had taken as a given was totally shaken up, and I feel I have removed limitations to expectations for fitness at 65 years old!"

Ashley G.

"The enormous amount of support from the coaches. Seriously can't say enough good things about how responsive the two of you are. How non-judgmental/understanding Shannon and Lisa are and the crazy amount of knowledge you have around food/body.  

Seriously life changing, wish I had met the two of you sooner! Thanks for being such great coaches and looking forward to continuing the journey!"

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