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  • Awaken Your Nutrition is a 12-week premium program that includes 1-on-1 coaching, an online educational course, workouts/Q&As/workshops (live & on-demand), and so much more
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Awaken Your Nutrition 12-Week Transformations

We help people reach their health goals through science-based nutrition education, high-touch coaching, customized programming, live and on-demand exercise classes, and a supportive community of 100+ members and growing.



Kelly lost over 40 pounds in 12 weeks without restricting her favorite food or doing tons of cardio

Rudrani finds balance with proper blood sugar balancing while still enjoying the food she loves!


Chess spent years doing low carb diets and intermittent fasting with no success. During our 12-week program, he finally lost 25 pounds at age 62 and is still dropping weight!

From Fasting to Fueling, this Busy Father & Entrepreneur Crushes a Half Iron Man!


Mom of 2 learns how to nourish, fuel and move her body, positively impacting her entire family!

Jordan built up her metabolism by eating the right types of food more than ever, lost body fat, increased muscle mass, and healed her relationship to food. 


Yoga teacher stops restricting food and over-exercising to find the body (and energy) of her dreams. 

From bedridden to losing 24 pounds in 12 weeks with minimal exercise while fully satiated from foods that she loves!


First responder builds muscle, reduces back pain, and increases energy, opening the doorway to mental and spiritual growth.

Author, business owner and father finally breaks the bulk and cut cycle and finds nutritional freedom. 


New mom drops 30lbs in 12 weeks and moves through post pardum depression with a new love for her body and relationship to her health. 

Aerialist and working professional discovers that the awareness of body, mind, and soul can support her busy lifestyle as opposed to taking away from it. 


Emergency responder replaces bootcamps & restrictive Whole30 diets with strength training and donuts... all while losing fat + building muscle!

Corporate creative finds her dream community & falls in love with her body


Former tech professional becomes a well-paid commercial actor after dropping 15 pounds in 2 months... and sees better results than CoolSculpt!

Carb lover enjoys her favorite foods while dropping the quarantine 15 + falling in love with strength training


Post-pregnancy body myths busted and energy sky-rocketed for this busy female executive and mother of two!

Pilates instructor overcomes lifelong autoimmune symptoms and finds inner strength through lifting weights & community


Loses 18lbs in 12 weeks and gains the confidence and knowledge of nutrition and strength training without compromising her social life! 

 Aerial studio owner discovers the power of performance nutrition to fuel her workouts & entrepreneur lifestyle


"I participated in The Greendoor Life's 12 Week Awaken Your Nutrition Program, and it was just what I needed to meet my health, fitness & nutrition goals! Thank you, Green Door Life for creating and giving me a program get stronger without compromise. I learned how to eat and how to workout for my body type and lifestyle. Now I feel fully in control of my body composition and feel confident in making the right food choices. The program was motivating the entire 12 weeks and I was always learning something new, even though I thought I already knew quite a bit about "health". THANK YOU, Green Door Life!!" ~ Jessica J.


Adventure seeker finds a new awareness of self through her awareness of nutrition.

40-Year Old Full-Time Professional & Mom of Two Eats More Food Than Ever, Has All-Day Energy & Gets Rid Of Bloat!

"12 weeks prior to starting this program. I honestly thought I had tried it ALL I used to think there was something wrong with my gut or hormones, or maybe some type of ailment that my doctor just couldn't figure out. I was always feeling tired, fatigued, brain fog, my eyes always felt heavy and tired! I felt bloated everyday!!! I tried the juicing, the pill to boost energy, or the green shakes! or not eating for some odd hours (It may have worked for others) but not ME! -none of it delivered a sustain or consistent feeling of energized or healthy.

I am 40 years old, a mother of 2, working full time, however, blessed enough to be able to stay working at home due to the pandemic.  I am some what active, I workout, I strength train and MAYBE have lost 1-2 pounds during those times I had the energy to get myself going. I just plateaued for months!!! I just didn't know what was going on, I just thought, this is what happens when you hit 40?? I just wanted change! I wanted to feel like myself again, and I wanted to revamp my body - I wanted to feel HEALTHY! without having to be attached to some kind of fad diet.

A family friend shared her story on how she got involved with GDL. One thing we had in common was always feeling tired, no matter the hours of sleep we may get during the night. She shared what she learned through the program, and one of the statement, she made, that got me curious, was her statement of "I actually eat more now than ever, and I am loosing weight!, I eat rice, I make fried rice for dinner!"  and this is what drew me in! I was doubtful, but desperate at the same time.

Before this program, my breakfast consisted of just a cup of coffee and maybe a banana, 90% of the times I skipped lunch, making the excuse of no time, because I was busy with work and kids stuff and dinner consisted of maybe chicken breast and some sort of salad and sometimes rice.

Today, finishing the 12week program, I learned that I can find time and be consistent, and I was able to do it! 12weeks isn't a lot of time, but it was also enough time to see results!!! I now eat 4 times a day, I started to consistently add weekly workouts, 11 pounds of FAT(not water) lost, 4inches off my waist line, and this is even with me going on vacation for 1 week and off commission another week because I got sick, I was still able to bounce back.  No more brain fog, eyes wide awake, no more BLOATING!! all of the negative I listed above - GONE! How??? - This program taught me how to eat properly, how to balance my meals, the science behind carbs and protein, they actually are really GREAT together, My relationship to food has tremendously changed, I can pretty much eat anything! I am also that person who now says, I eat so much more, while keeping my weight at a consistent number consistently seeing results, OH! and did I mention, I now love WATER! water was not my jam, I just couldn't consume anything more than an 8oz a day before this program, however, learning the science behind how great water is and the right amount consumed daily, unlocks so much!! My bathroom breaks have become consistent (TMI) but this is important. :)
I also learned that it's not about the number you see on the scale, but how you feel, I am so much stronger, I have gained muscles. I feel super healthy, and I feel confident in my own skin and clothes!!

If I can encourage MOM's out there, it's okay to make time for ourselves, do not let the outside noises make you feel otherwise, when you are taking care of yourself, you start to feel the confidence back, therefore you are a better person to all, your kids, your husband, your friends. You CAN DO IT.

GDL will give you all the tools you need. They truly are the BEST and are the most supportive.  THIS AIN'T No HYPE DIET! its truly the REAL DEAL!
You will receive what you put into it.

Thank you GDL!"

- Maria Y.

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Graphic designer loses over 20 pounds of fat in three months and keeps it off while healing his relationship to food

Teacher, empath, and former people-pleaser learns how to prioritize herself, grocery shop and cook without feeling overwhelmed, and set boundaries, all while becoming sober along the way!

"Though I battled with lifelong weight, image, and self worth issues related to size, Shannon and Lisa were able to get through to me using a holistic approach to physical health. Not only did I receive top knotch personal coaching in fitness and nutrition, they counseled me so I could overcome the psychological aspects of weight loss. Additionally, they coached me through becoming and staying sober. GDL gently kept my goals in front of me, provided a safe and professional space to vent or celebrate, and helped me develop lifelong skills to maintaining my personal health."  ~ Ketura T.

Ballet dancer builds glute strength and size all while staying lean and limber! 

Tech professional reaches weight loss goal in just 6 weeks + gets leaner and stronger than pre-pandemic



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"My Lifestyle Has Transformed"

"I started working with Shannon & Lisa Sep 2020, after realizing that I had gained 8 pounds in quarantine (6 month period) and was the heaviest I had ever been. I was drawn to GDL because their philosophy is counter to what I thought I'd have to do - eat less & run more. I really dislike running and did not think I could be successful in a program that just made me do more cardio, or cut out carbs. I love carbs too freaking much and just don't believe that cutting out a whole macronutrient can be good for us long term.

I will admit that I was highly skeptical in the beginning, so having a free 2 week trial really helped win me over as a client. Shannon & Lisa are so confident in what they do - and now I see why. In the first 6 weeks, I lost 6 pounds, and was SHOOK. I was only 101 pounds to start, so there wasn't THAT much weight to lose, but damn!! All that quarantine fat is gone, AND I am gaining muscle!! I look the best I've ever looked.

GDL is an extremely holistic program that promotes overall wellbeing (mental & physical), promotes weight-lifting (and no you won't get bulky), and eating balanced meals - there is NOTHING off limits. The best part is, I still can eat my favorite foods (chocolate, donuts, noodles, in moderation). ALL OF IT is possible with coaching from Green Door Life.

Turns out, the weight gain during quarantine was a blessing in disguise because 12 weeks later, I'm so much happier with my body, how I feel, and my lifestyle has transformed. Even though the signature program is 12 weeks, there is no way I can go back to eating the way I used to. The program is so sustainable that I will keep going!

I HIGHLY recommend this program to ANYONE who is looking to transform their eating habits, look good & feel good. The coaches are amazingly supportive, they know what's up, they're so knowledgeable about nutrition, as they've gone through transformations themselves. If you're looking for a program that's SUSTAINABLE, you don't want to cut carbs, and you want to nerd out about the science behind nutrition, reach out to Green Door Life!"  ~ Amanda C.

Busy mom of two learns how to fuel her body for energy, fat loss, and muscle gain!

65-Year Old "Glamma" Eats Bread Again & Defies Post-Menopausal Weight Loss Myths

Lisa H.

"Thank you again for jump starting my fitness as a mature adult. The transformation in my torso and arms is amazing. Body image I had taken as a given was totally shaken up, and I feel I have removed limitations to expectations for fitness at 65 years old!"

"I Now Have the Knowledge and Understanding for a Lifetime!"

It's hard to pick just one takeaway because everything I've learned so far has been mind blowing, but I would have to say that one of the biggest things I've taken away from this program so far is that I now have knowledge and understanding (for a lifetime) of having a healthy relationship with food that I can enjoy to nourish, heal, and sustain a healthier body. I used to be overwhelmed by conflicting information about dieting and fitness, and now I see not only the big picture but an accurate one about how food + fitness fit together to impact weight loss, in my case, something that felt like such a big mystery to me. Dieting used to feel like an exhausting guessing game, a crapshoot that often yielded no results and if there were, I didn't know what worked that contributed to results, and it's no wonder the results didn't last long.

I feel so empowered now by a system and blueprint that I can adjust to guide my journey to better eating and a better version of myself. If there is one word this journey has given me: it's freedom! Freedom from misinformation, freedom from the exhaustion of guessing if something was going to work, freedom from the literal weight that I felt I was not in control of, and freedom to enjoy food and movement in totally new ways. I have never eaten more and felt more satisfied and lost weight at the same time, which just goes to show that I was doing so many things wrong (for one I am horrified to think of the amount of calories, fat, carbs, and protein I was over eating daily in the past - but not going to dwell on it!)

Thank you The Green Door Life for giving me a lifestyle, a system that is measured, and FREEDOM in so many ways to pursue my best life.

- Mona C. 

Busy Executive Sees Better Results Without Crash Dieting Or Extreme Exercise

Ashley G.

"Seriously can't say enough good things about the enormous amount of support from the coaches... how responsive and non-judgmental / understanding Shannon and Lisa are and the crazy amount of knowledge they have around food and body.  

The Green Door Life is seriously life-changing. Wish I had met the two of you sooner! Thanks for being such great coaches and looking forward to continuing the journey!"

"My biggest wish is that I would have found GDL earlier in my life!"


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Full-Time Researcher & Skeptic Finds The Only Program That Has Ever Worked For Her!

"I was so skeptical of this program when I first started because I had done several other ones (some very well-known programs for weight loss and fitness) and none had been sustainable. In the past, I had lost weight with these other programs but had gained all the weight back as soon as I had completed the program. I also felt hungry and deprived most of the time and never felt like I had the tools to continue on my own. As a result, I worried that this would be the same story.

I don't even know how to express this but I feel like my eyes have been opened to a new way of being, eating, living, ... that I had never experienced before. It really is not rocket science and it's all information that is out there; however, there is so much misinformation that this important information gets lost. With Green Door Life, I never felt hungry or deprived, I felt strong and knowledgeable, and felt well-equipped to continue this journey on my own. I'm grateful to Shannon for her love and energy and for being so generous with her knowledge. I just regret not having found this program sooner to have avoided a lot of wasted time and money. I guess when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

~ Papaya S.


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"This was the magic I needed to finally get on track with losing weight!"


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"This year's live workouts have kept me sane"


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"The key takeaways I am gaining from this program are more profound than I could have imagined"

The key takeaways I am gaining from this program are more profound than I could have imagined when I first signed up. When I was first exploring the program, I was initially overwhelmed by the financial investment but the more I reflected I realized that this was one part of my life that needed my attention and although I am a very independent person, I needed some support to do this work. For me this was a big investment, but it encouraged me to take advantage of all that was offered and to really focus on doing the hard work necessary to make shifts in my life.

So, in short, it is very hard NOT to preach to others about how meaningful these past 12 weeks have been for me. Overall, this community provides a safe space to learn and grow amongst others on a similar path. It has showed me that my nutritional and training needs as a women vary drastically to the needs of men and that most nutritional or fitness fads are catered towards men, and thus, should be examined and questioned. I gained the practical tools to nourish my body, whether for an average day or for a half marathon. I have been encouraged to be creative and experiment with what my specific needs are and there was always support if I had questions.

Anytime I reached out for support I was met with such kind and genuine energy. The coaches always responded with thoughtful and well-researched answers and were always so prompt with their responses! Ultimately, I have been empowered with both the practical tools and the support of community of likeminded humans to take control of my nutrition, health, and training to be able to meet any goals I set out to achieve…seriously…though I feel like I can tackle anything now!

- Madison M. 

High-level executive learns how to integrate wine without deterring progress after a lifetime of struggling to manage weight

"I am a new person today!"

I never thought at the age of 41 mom of 2 kids, would I think I can bounce this quickly in the many years of bad choices & habits I put my body through, would I think I would bounce back, in just 12weeks!! this program is AMAZING! there's no tricks to it.

- Anonymous Green Door Life member

"This has been the gentlest program with the most drastic result I have seen my body go through."

It is true that insanity is defined by doing the same things and expecting a different result. I have been on a lot of "diets" and excessive cardio routines over the past 20 years and have never really been able to sustain the results, either by loss of motivation, or just simply by exhaustion.

The Green Door Life 12 week program has really helped me understand the value (and the science behind it) of proper nutrition (read: it's not just about the calories!) , balanced meals, and the importance of hydration. The reset my body went through was really amazing - it was great to be in touch with how good and balanced I feel when I nourish my body properly and adequately. I have never felt deprived or felt that I was pushing myself too hard (not sustainable for me). This has been the gentlest program with the most drastic result I have seen my body go through. I didn't have to change a lot of things on my diet, which was nice, but the tweaking of how much in each meal (macros) was a true game changer. I always feel satisfied after every meal, and look forward to the strength training exercises (because they are SO good).

My 1-1 coaching with Blair was so helpful in honing in the knowledge from the course and really reigning in on the information given there, to apply to MY everyday life. It was great to know I can lean on someone for support who understood the hectic schedule of a mother of very young children. The hacks she shared with me will serve me way beyond this program!

- Anonymous Green Door Life Member

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