The Green Door Life provides a customized, holistic wellness experience in alignment with your unique lifestyle and goals and supported by our results-driven coaches, like-minded community, and innovative learning platform.

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What is The Green Door Life?

Welcome to the next phase of wellness. Level up your health with a holistic approach to training, nutrition, and mindset curated specifically for you by a selection of world-class coaches and instructors. Green Door Life courses, classes, and workshops are accessible live and on-demand through our innovative learning platform and supportive community of like-minded individuals.


A Wellness Schedule Designed For You

Health is at your fingertips and on your schedule with our All Access Pass monthly membership. Participate in over 15+ live classes each week (and counting!). Or, watch replays on-demand from the hundreds of recorded classes in our video library.


Results-Driven Courses and Coaching Programs

Ready to dive deeper and take your knowledge to the next level on a particular topic or area of interest? Join an 8-12 week online course or coaching program of your choice for total health empowerment and reclamation.


A Circle of Expert Coaches to Guide Your Journey

Our passionate, service-oriented coaches and instructors embody what they teach - whether fitness, weight loss, mindfulness, flexibility, or mobility - and are excited to share it with the world.

Stories Of Transformation

See what members are saying about the Green Door Life:

"I can't say enough good things about how responsive the coaches are and the enormous amount of support from the coaches. How non-judgmental / understanding they are and the crazy amount of knowledge they have around food / body.

Seriously life changing, wish I had met the two of you sooner! Thanks for being such great coaches and looking forward to continuing the journey!"

Ashley G. 

Burlingame, CA


Choose Your Pathway

From one-on-one coaching to curated wellness schedules in our all access membership, discover what The Green Door Life can do for you!

Signature Programs

Level Up Your Health With a Holistic Approach to Wellness Knowledge in Our 8-12 Week Programs


All Access Pass

Discover a Wellness Schedule Curated for Your Life and Goals with the Support of Leading Coaches


Free Discovery Call

Talk to a Green Door Life Representative to Help Discover the Right Program For You


FREE Advanced Nutrition Science Master Class

In this 60-minute class, you'll learn:

✅ The top 5 mistakes that prevent a lean physique

✅ 3 surprising reasons why restrictive diets and cardio aren't the solutions

✅ What to do instead that WILL help create a lean physique while improving relationship to food & body image

✅ Our step-by-step framework on how to reduce body fat (not weight), build muscle, & increase energy

✅ How we can help if you're looking for additional support!

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How To Get Lean, Strong & Energized presented by Shannon Morse

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