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Karina Lambert

Nutrition Coach & Yoga Instructor

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Karina Lambert has been a dance instructor for over three decades. In 2002 she got her 500hr Certification as a Yoga Instructor and has been teaching and continuing her studies since then.

Since very young, Karina has been curious about movement, nutrition and the psychology behind it all.

After decades of struggling with diets focused on restricting calories she came across GDL and decided to jump in as a last resort. The experience transformed her in an unimaginable way. Knowledge is so powerful! She went from erratic energy levels to a stable body and mind throughout her day and teaching hours; she found joy in eating all foods again and is inspired to teach her teen daughter as well as others in how to best take care of themselves. She dove into strength training and finds it so instrumental to overall health that she can’t wait to share it with the world.


Karina loves learning, reading, walking her dog, spending time with her loving husband and daughter as well as traveling the world. She particularly cherishes her Saturday morning breakfast date & hike with her hubby and furry baby. She was born in Argentina and since being a kid dreamed of exploring new opportunities and places. She speaks English, Spanish, French and Hebrew..cause well..she loves languages too! 

Personal Discoveries Through Nutritional Awareness 

When I turned 17, I decided to become a vegetarian.
I think about that time now as being the commencement of an extensive journey of discovery. I went through being vegan, eating no eggs, yes eggs, fish, no fish and all things in between..I started gaining weight and trying many different "diets" ; I even tried very questionable diet pills while being really young with no medical guidance. I used to be in a "battle" between what I wanted to eat and what I was actually eating. "Restriction" has been the name of the game until I came across GDL. The funny part is that I was restricting myself believing I was eating healthy! The Awaken Your Nutrition course has been truly transformational. I found peace. I understand nutrition in a way it makes sense and I have now befriended all foods! I can enjoy everything with the awareness of listening to my body. I let go of the fight because there is no fight, there is an opportunity to understand how what I feed my body with is making me feel overall.

Another challenge I overcame is my relationship with strength training. As a yoga teacher for over 12 years, flexibility is what comes in mind mostly as a plus..but deep inside I always knew I was lacking strength and I couldn't find a way in..I attended Orange Theory for 2 years and was always dragging it. I couldn't find the "purpose" of it..Now I look forward to my training because I feel great afterwards and I see how it's changing me physically, mentally and emotionally. Becoming stronger has such an impact in how I "am" in the world! It somehow empowers me to ask for what I need without fear. It's wonderful.

The third obstacle I want to bring up is the erroneous idea that we are "doomed" regarding food choices when we are participating in social events. I used to feel "trapped" together with wanting to be nice and respectful to the hosts of the events I would attend. This program has given me the tools I needed to enjoy every thing I partake in by understanding how to pair the best choices possible for me, while planning ahead when possible, by asking respectfully what will be served in advance and even offering to bring my recipes for others to try. Again, it's an empowering, beautiful feeling!