The Green Door Life Team


Odysseus Andrianos

Shadow Work & Performance Coach


Odysseus (or Ody for short) grew up behind the scenes of Hollywood learning from world class coaches at  a very young age. With a bachelor of science degree in kinesiology from San Diego State University, he is an expert in mindset programming and helping people master their emotions to amplify peak performance. Ody works with clients from all over the world while managing his own wellness facility for 11 years. His passion is coaching, with over 15,000 hours of experience and for three years now he has been the wellness coach for a nine-figure corporation called WBE Electric. He has delivered speeches, created diet challenges, and coached many of the employees to maximize performance. The company has had record sales every year that they have incorporated his coaching. 


In his personal life, Ody loves traveling, especially South East Asia. He loves learning from different types of cultures and implementing what he experiences into his coaching practice. Ody harnesses the power of meditation techniques that he learned from monks in Cambodia, wisdom from a Hindu priest who guided him Bali, and the breath techniques that he has learned from coaches across the world. Ody specializes in coaching alpha females and attributes much of his success from growing up around elite entrepreneurs as a child.

You can find Odysseus leading the Green Door Life Members to break through old conditioning and limiting beliefs through our 10-Week Shadow Awakening Course