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Here's What Some of Our Clients Are Saying

DISCLAIMER: These results are 100% a reflection of our clients' dedication to the program.

Meagan lost 29 pounds & wished she learned this information 15 years ago

Labelled big-boned and athletic her whole life, Meagan never thought she had the capacity to have a svelte body. After trying various low carb and other restrictive diets with only temporary success, she was ready for a change after reaching a year post-partum with her second child.

Besides losing a whopping 29 pounds and counting, Meagan wakes up with energy that she's able to sustain throughout the day, feels in control of her eating and body composition, and no longer does excessive cardio to lose weight.    

Lisa lost 17 pounds in 10 weeks and cannot believe she can eat bread again

Thinking that it was impossible to lose weight at her age, Lisa thought that menopause and hormones would ultimately keep her from losing significant weight. And yet, she lost 17 pounds with weeks to go in her program!

We have already had to increase Lisa's calories because her unique weight loss code has been activated and her metabolism is firing on all cylinders.

And best of all, this full-time glamma has the energy to keep up with her grandkids.

I've seen enough. Let's do this!

Lost 10 pounds and dropped body fat by 4% in just 1 month

Christine tried all the fad diets... and even more drastic weight loss measures, all without much success...

Then, she joined The Green Door Life and unlocked her weight loss code - losing 10 pounds in the first month and managing her weight well over a year later.

Beyond the visible results, Christine experienced a significant increase in her modeling and acting career. She attributes that growth to the confidence she feels knowing that she can feel good, inside and out, every day!⁣

From injured and eating emotionally to fueled and thriving

Circus artist and instructor, Layla, was sidelined for some time by a pesky injury and using food to cope. She didn't know how to properly fuel her demanding workouts, let alone figure out how to support her recovery.

After implementing our strategies, she has been able to manage her weight, increase energy, improve her sleep, and fuel her intense training all while navigating a busy, on-the-go schedule.

One of Layla's biggest takeaways was making her favorite food work for her and not the other way around.