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Alexandra Saborit

Nutrition Coach

30-Minute Coaching Call
Custom Nutrition Plan + 1 Hour Call

Growing up as an aspiring ballerina and dancing with the San Francisco Ballet School starting at the age of 4, fitness and nutrition became an ingrained, and highly important part of Alexandra’s life at an early age.

Suffering a career ending injury at the age of 18 left Alexandra feeling a bit directionless and she went on an 8 year hiatus from most things fitness. It wasn’t until she discovered bootcamp style classes that her passion for fitness was reignited and her love for lifting weights blossomed. While this was a wonderful journey, Alexandra noticed a stall in her progress, and with an upcoming wedding she wanted more. Enter Green Door Life.


Alexandra became a client of Shannon and GDL in 2019 and has never looked back. Her perspective on nutrition changed in an eye opening way and she grew leaps and bounds both physically and mentally. 


Alexandra understands the challenge of consistency and showing up for yourself, but has found that when you do, it pays dividends! And she is here to support in that journey. 

Alexandra is a NAMS certified 
nutrition clinician.


When she’s not coaching, Alexandra loves golf, walking her dog Pickles, the gym, and dancing to electronic music! 

Challenges I have Overcome Through Health Awareness

  • No days off. Before GDL, I ran myself into the ground when it came to fitness. I would weight train and then run 3 miles in the morning, all while fasted, then refrain from eating until lunch. I never took any days off from training as I felt that that was a setback in my training and I would miss out on results. While I still make sure I move my body daily, I embrace rest days where I can truly give my body time to recover and rebuild.


  • The age old belief that carbs are "bad." Breaking free from this mindset has been FREEING. I deprived myself of some of my favorite things to eat for so long, due to the fear that they were "bad" and that they as well would stall my progress. Learning about nutrition and arming myself with information has been empowering. Being able to enjoy EVERY food, as well as eat what I love is amazing because I understand its importance to my body and goals.


  • The scale is just one data point. I remember prior to GDL as I was in the beginning stages of prepping for my wedding, I was at the gym with my husband working out. We had been to the gym every day for the last few weeks and despite all this, my weight was increasing. I remember after a workout, I weighed myself and it showed a 3 pound increase from the previous day. I walked out of the gym and burst into tears. I didn't understand how I could having gained that weight over the last day and it was devastating. While I now know that it is impossible for me to have gained 3 pounds in 1 day (and there are plenty of reasons for fluctuation in the scale from one day to the next), I have also learned to not be as fixated on what the number on the scale is telling me. The number is just one metric, among many and is just a data point of how our body is responding to our intake, water, recovery etc. Now THAT is freeing!