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The Best of The Green Door Life's Live Classes and Coaching

Our All Access Membership gives you access to 15+ weekly LIVE virtual fitness and self-development classes, group calls, and 1-on-1 coaching sessions – at a surprisingly low monthly fee for the value provided.

You'll move your body each week in a progress format curated by your coach. You'll have private strategy calls and progress checks to make sure you're on track with achieving your goals. You’ll discover transformational education and ideas not yet covered in mainstream health avenues. And you’ll connect with an expansive, supportive community of students and instructors. All in one online learning platform.

Support for Every Area of Your Health

The Green Door Life's All Access Membership is designed to transform every area of your health. You don't need multiple platform memberships when you can get what you want - from nutrition support, exercise classes, to mindset training - in all one spot!

A Health Schedule Curated for Your Goals

Included in your All Access membership is the Green Door Life Assessment: a detailed intake form to curate your custom plan and set your goals, 60-minute onboarding call, movement and form assessment, and ergonomic workplace review.

You can then apply your assessment results with your coach's recommendations to design your own weekly health schedule, choosing among the plethora of weekly group and 1-on-1 calls, exercise classes, and self-development training.

Your Instructors & Coaches

With Support Like This, You'll Never Want to Leave

The Green Door Life brings you passionate teachers in every category of health. Whether your focus is fitness, weight loss, mindfulness, flexibility, or mobility, we seek out inspirational, high-touch instructors who get up every day, embodying what they teach, and excited to share it with the world.

Shannon Morse

Co-Founder of The Green Door Life

Lisa Kirby

Co-Founder of The Green Door Life

Tanya Burton

Founder of The Diet Doc Sedalia

Gio Miramontes

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Odysseus Andrianos

Shadow Work & Performance Coach

Kalani June

Creative Performer & Movement Coach

Erika Fischer

Yoga Instructor & Mental Health Advocate

Nicol Pang

Women's Fitness Coach & Perinatal Specialist

How It Works


A New Kind of Health Experience

The Green Door Life online learning and health platform combines the power of daily live and on demand classes with community to transform you in ways traditional health classes usually do not.

You’ll experience life-changing personal growth through a weekly schedule designed for you. And, enjoy support, accountability, and new friendships from Green Door Life members and coaches.

Start Your 2-Week FREE Trial

How to Start Your Experience


Step 1. Take the Self-Assessment


All Access begins with our intake form and health assessment that helps you identify where you're thriving and where you need to apply more deliberate focus and attention as it relates to your health.

This assessment helps you and your coaches to build an honest and structured roadmap for your health and body composition goals.



Step 2. Schedule Your First Coaching Call & Form Assessment


All Access is more than virtual, you have a team of coaches there to support your journey along the way.

The starting calls and assessments start our journey together to align with your goals and create your game plan for your personal health schedule.



Step 3. Download The App & Login


Once registered, you will receive a form to download The Green Door Life App (hosted on Kajabi) from Google Play, Apple or Apple TV. You can also access all your content on your computer. Create an account and you’re good to go. All program schedules and classes will be available for you.


Step 4. Join the Community


Our community platform allows you to interact with coaches and other members and ask questions, start discussions, share posts or just find a learning buddy.


Step 5. Start Your Journey


Choose from our weekly classes in every area of personal health. Schedule your aside time in your schedule as your ‘Green Door Time.’ Our coaches will you how to create habits and set up daily routines.

What People Say

Every day we watch transformations and new discoveries unfold inside our community.

"The information and guidance we are receiving is priceless" 

This is the most holistic program I have done. Previously 
I have been given a diet to follow without any education on why I am eating certain foods and when. There was very little education behind it and being green, I didn't ask questions. 

The information and guidance we are receiving is priceless. The tools that we are being given will last us for a lifetime, allowing us to be the healthiest version of ourselves possible. We have an abundance of education here! Make the most of it! 

Kylie J.

Sandhurst, Australia

"Seriously life changing" 

The enormous amount of support from the coaches. Seriously can't say enough good things about how responsive the coaches are. How non-judgmental/understanding Shannon and Lisa are and the crazy amount of knowledge they have around food/body.

Seriously life changing, wish I had met the two of you sooner! Thanks for being such great coaches and looking forward to continuing the journey!

Ashley G.

Palo Alto, California

"Removed limited expectations for fitness at 65 years old!"

Thank you again for jump starting my fitness as a mature adult. The transformation in my torso and arms is amazing. Body image I had taken as a given was totally shaken up, and I feel I have removed limitations to expectations for fitness at 65 years old!

Lisa H.

Sacramento, California

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What You Get

Monthly Value: $1,990

  • Weekly private and group coaching calls ($500)
  • 30-minute movement and form assessment each month ($90)
  • Smartphone App to learn on-the-go ($100)
  • Desktop Version, iPad app, and Apple TV ($100)
  • Personalized Training Program Delivered through our App ($150)
  • All Access to all Live and On-Demand Virtual Classes ($1,000)
  • Access to Coaches and Students in the Green Door Life Online Community ($50)
  • Discounts on all courses, events, and workshops

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