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Amber Henzi

Nutrition Coach

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Amber Henzi is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500 hour level with Yoga Alliance. She has an additional 125 hours of Bhakti Yoga training and was a Lululemon Ambassador for four years. She has been living and teaching yoga for thirteen years in the bay area, twelve of which have been full time. 

Amber is married and has two fur babies. She considers travel her part time hobby and has been all over the world. She recharges by being outside, hanging with friends, working out or cooking and sharing meals with loved ones.  

Before becoming a yoga teacher Amber studied Nutrition beginning in 1999. She received her Associates degree at Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz and went on to study Dietetics at Cal State Long Beach.  In 2006 she left Cal State and moved back to Santa Cruz where she attended Bauman College and took a more holistic approach to nutrition.  She is certified as a Nutritional Educator. 

Upon finding Green Door Life Amber has come full circle, returning to her love of Nutrition.  Amber has a vivacious love of life, humans and food.  She is deeply committed to education and learning as well as awareness and connection to ourselves, our bodies and to each other.   


Personal Discoveries Through Nutritional Awareness 

Meal Prepping & Planning ahead.

So often as a yoga teacher I would wake up, teach back to back to back classes then work out on my own without putting any food in my body. I was exhausted and way over extended.

I have learned how to plan my days ahead of time. My meals are now planned and packed ahead. I've even scheduled into my calendar time for me, to eat. I have so much more energy and time. I'm more available to my students and clients and I no longer crash physically or emotionally.

People Pleaser

By nature I'm quite social. Working with people training and teaching is my favorite way to be living. I was often over committed and did not take time out for myself which led to anger and resentment. My weekly coaching calls were the beginning of my me time.

Now I plan into my days meditation, reading, writing, long walks and baths. Keeping a day to day digital calendar with time for me planned in once again, has offered me more time and more energy. This serves not only me but my clients, family and friends as well.

Overdoing It

Because of my lack of boundaries, I would work hard during the week and play harder over the weekend. At the beginning of the week I would start the vicious cycle all over again. Stuck, I was filled with guilt, shame and self loathing. No matter how long I ran, how many classes I took or how much I restricted and dieted, I couldn't unlock the mystery. I felt like shit all the time.

Understanding macros, being held accountable and progressive training with our GDL community I feel like I got some of my control back. I have the resources to balance my blood sugar all day and now I'm not guessing, I have the knowledge and the support.

My most favorite thing I have gained and believe me there are so many things, but my MOST favorite is Monday mornings. I've blocked out a few hours in my calendar, time to spend cooking my food for the week. I turn the music up, sing, dance and prepare. It is empowering to put myself first at the beginning of my week and it doesn't just serve me, it helps my family as well. Furthermore, I am more likely to do something positive with my extra time and energy throughout the week, rather than dying on my couch at the end of the day to tired to want to .. anything. I now look forward to Monday's rather than dreading the grind.