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Andrea Kawano Dupuy 

Nutrition Coach and Strength Instructor

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Her health journey started at age 10 when a traumatic experience led her to a 23-year battle with an eating disorder, alcohol abuse, and severe depression. 

Later in life, she found strength training and a passion for bodybuilding. She then embarked on a quest to get healthier and pursue her dream of stepping on stage, earning her Pro Card, and helping her clients live a healthy lifestyle. 

Andrea Dupuy brings a soul-centered approach to helping women and men overcome emotional eating and lose weight in a healthy, holistic manner while teaching clients how to build a healthy, nourishing relationship with food and eating. 

With a background in Health Promotions training Sailors and Marines for over 6 years, Andrea became interested in how the mind and spirit play a role in health, including fitness and weight loss. This led her to want to study other holistic approaches to health and earn certifications in Holistic Nutrition through INN, 500hrs Yoga teacher training, Trauma-informed breath work, Gut Health, Hormone Health, Menopause, Strength & Conditioning, Powerlifting, and currently studying Sports Nutrition. 

If not coaching and working in her corporate job, you will find her either riding her Harley, walking in nature with her husband and her 2 American Bullies, creating healthy recipes, or just chilling on her couch watching a good comedy movie. 


Life Challenges that I have Overcome

I have overcome 23+ years of an eating disorder that I battled since age 10 when I used food to cope with emotions and early on learned that if I could control the food, I was "in" control of my life, and when things got "out" of control than I would lose control of it.

Overcame alcohol abuse; I was one of those "functioning alcoholics" drinking 1-2 bottles of wine daily to cope with stress and an eating disorder. I've been alcohol-free since 2015 and never look back.

Healing from childhood trauma, being molested at a very young age by a man who was trusted in our community. Understand that some of my behaviors were formed at that age to protect myself from "predators."
I did a lot of self-development, somatic work, and spiritual work to help me to forgive myself and the person who molested me.

At age 17, I was in a very toxic 5-year relationship, and at age 22, I had enough courage to walk away, moving across the country (I was living in Japan) to restart my life.

Overcame back, knee injuries due to my sport bodybuilding, powerlifting. Learning how to work on my imbalances and working around my injuries. 

I can highlight so many wins in my life through perceived challenges.