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Devon Donkin

Alcohol-Free Life Coach

“I will help you quit drinking so you can reach your highest potential and live a healthier, happier life.”

With my tools, guidance and accountability, you will realize you don't need alcohol to relax, be social and have fun. You will gain the confidence and mental clarity to live the life you desire. If you've tried moderation without success, I can help you create new patterns and routines so you can move beyond cravings and thrive!

As an integrative Nurse Coach, practicing nurse for over a decade, and certified gray area drinking coach, I share cutting edge science-backed tools that create lasting change. I take time to listen to you, reveal obstacles, and support you with a compassionate and holistic approach.

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What Devon's Clients Are Saying...


In the past, I tried not drinking during the week, but quite often, I would make an excuse to open a bottle of wine, and once the bottle was open, I had to finish it over the next few days because I didn’t want to waste it! Trying to have a break during the week wasn’t providing me with the tools to cope with stress or cravings.
Devon is a smart, encouraging, compassionate, knowledgeable, and creative coach. She can support you through your journey of quitting alcohol by giving you actionable steps and tools to get you through the tough moments when all you want to do is grab a drink. Devon listens to what works for you and builds a sustainable plan. She has deep knowledge and supports the body as a whole. After working with Devon, I feel empowered and relieved.

Jacqueline Smith, LCSW

Devon is a mother and a nurse who has worked hard to move toward wellness in her own life. With her personal and professional experiences, she brings a level of realness to her coaching. She understands the realities of managing a busy life and helps clients find easy ways to implement new health strategies into their lives.

Bill Patterson

Immediately after my first session with Devon, where we established some goals: drink enough water, make a doctor's appointment, exercise more, and drink less alcohol, I felt empowered. Devon recommended an excellent doctor and held me accountable for scheduling the appointment - a life-changing experience. With Devon’s support, I am on track with health issues and making tremendous progress. Devon was a catalyst for me to investigate my health and take action to improve my health. Devon provides open dialog, goal creation, and accountability. She is comfortable to talk and interact with. I'm continuing with her as I continue my efforts.e.

Anna B.

The biggest surprise was that this type of coaching was something I didn't think I needed. Working with a health coach was a way to focus on quality-of-life strategies for which I didn't have someone to help me with. Working with Devon was a pleasure; very refreshing and reinvigorating.

Devon is intuitive, compassionate, insightful, and a fantastic listener. She was supportive and encouraging throughout the entire process. Her warmth and kindness exuded over the computer screen, and it felt like I had someone in my corner rooting for me to find more balance in my life.

About Devon Donkin


Devon Donkin’s Accreditations:

  • Registered Nurse (RN)
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)
  • Board Certified Integrative Nurse Coach (NC-BC)
  • Certified Gray Area Drinking Coach
  • Certified Yoga Teacher


As someone who struggled with alcohol addiction in the past, Devon understands how challenging it is to give up alcohol, the pitfalls, failing at moderation, and waking up too often with regret and shame. Providing tools, guidance, and loving accountability, she supports people to move beyond cravings and feel great without booze.

Alongside coaching, Devon continues to work as a lead nurse in neonatal intensive care, attending births for high-risk infants and caring for babies and new moms. When babies are born, Devon is there for life-saving support as they transition to life outside of the womb.

Devon lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her 10-year-old son, husband, and Goldendoodle therapy dog, where she enjoys outdoor adventures and weight lifting.