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Nathan Wirt

Nutrition Coach & Personal Trainer

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Nathan came from a family of Chiropractors which first piqued his interest in nutrition and physiology early on.  Most of his adult life he’s spent traveling the world for work and pleasure, finding inventive ways to exercise.


Nathan took a deeper interest in the science of exercise and nutrition at 20, and with an engineering mindset looked to debunk the myths and strip down physique improvement to its most important, reliable elements for lasting change.  He has hired and worked closely with some of the industry's biggest names to codify a set of practices that he has used for himself and many others looking to reverse and improve their physique.


With ten years of experience coaching he still travels and works as an marine engineer, but has found a real passion in helping others make lasting health and physique changes.  When Nathan discovered the Green Door project he was very excited to join their team and be a part of the change they were offering the community.  


When Nathan isn't coaching, you can find him enjoying cross-country travel on his motorcycle, training Jiujitsu, rock climbing, & finding the perfect powder to shred on his snowboard.