The Green Door Life Team


Co-Founders & Owners

Shannon Morse


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Lisa Kirby


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Coaches and Instructors

Chandley McKinnon

Nutrition Coach, Strength Instructor & Sales Director

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Blair Nail

Nutrition Coach & Head of Coach Development

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Melanie Pflaster

Nutrition Coach & Project Management 

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Jocelyn Sisco

Nutrition Coach

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Eka Malboeuf

Nutrition Coach

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Bailey Rinke

Nutrition Coach & Certified Health Coach

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Crystal Hough

Strength Training Instructor 

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Nathan Wirt

Nutrition Coach

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Amber Henzi

Nutrition Coach & Yoga Instructor

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Phoenix Paz

Stretching & Flexibility Instructor

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Andrea Kawano Dupuy

Nutrition Coach

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Anastasia Sauvage

Nutrition Coach &
Discovery Call Specialist

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Cari Smith Seydewitz

Strength & Met Con Instructor

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Kat Martucci

Nutrition Coach & Strength Instructor

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Emily Hong Daniel

Nutrition Coach

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