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Anastasia Sauvage

Nutrition Coach

30-Minute Coaching Call

Following a less conventional path, Anastasia trained and performed as a professional aerialist for a decade. 

She hit a plateau in her aerialist career, struggling to progress to the levels she aspired to despite her rigorous training. She noticed her recovery time was slower than usual, often leading to mental crashes and diminished returns. In an attempt to refuel, she would turn to caffeine, a habit she found hard to break.

Seeking a solution to optimize her performance, she joined Shannon’s program through The Diet Doc in 2017 (now known as The Green Door Life). This experience revolutionized her understanding of food. Equipped with newfound knowledge, she ventured into the world, confidently making choices and embracing a lifestyle shift she continues to uphold.

Throughout her health journey, she became deeply interested in the psychology behind why we do what we do because she was continually disappointed by the failures of short-term fixes, fad diets, and insatiable cravings.

It became clear that cravings are not just a matter of willpower. They are signals with a root cause, a combination of physiological and psychological factors. She learned that by addressing both aspects, we can better manage our cravings and tune into what we really need. Regulating our minds and nervous systems can be challenging if our physiology is imbalanced.

The key to health and wellness is not in extremes. Progress cannot be made by surviving on salads and endless workout classes. Instead, it's about finding a harmonious balance within a sustainable lifestyle to achieve long-term results. Radiant aesthetics are the downstream effect of a balanced system. If we seek to support ourselves upstream, we will open the floodgates to attaining what we desire to see and the energy and vitality to match.

She has assisted her clients and personally navigated challenges like overtraining, under-eating, distorted body image, unrealistic self-expectations, self-criticism, and perfectionism. Additionally, she has helped with stress-eating, all-or-nothing thinking—abandoning efforts after a single misstep—and avoidance, continually postponing tasks in the hope that problems will resolve themselves.

Originally from the Bay Area, Anastasia now resides in Fort Worth, Texas. She is on a path of continuous learning, currently completing her degree in biology with a minor in clinical health psychology. She is also pursuing a dual-degree master’s in nutrition and counseling psychology, further deepening her understanding of the holistic approach to health and wellness.



  • NAMS Nutrition Coach

  • NASM Personal Trainer

  • NASM Behavior Change Specialist

  • Chek Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1

  • Narrative Enneagram Practitioner

  • Illuminate Holistic Coach

Personal Discoveries Through The Green Door Life

  • Food restriction and labeling certain foods as "bad," or as a reward if I had been "good," or comfort if I was going through an emotional time. Then later, if I ate these foods, I would unconsciously label myself as "bad," or that I "deserved" to have them if I was going through a rough patch, or had been "good with my diet lately" which could justify a splurge. Many times this evolved into saying "F-it" and throwing away all progress because of hopelessness, frustration, and self-loathing.

Through nutritional balance and awareness, I learned to detach my sense of personal right or wrong from food and learned that there wasn't a good or bad, it was all a choice, and each choice had a different impact towards or away from my goals. 

  • "Repentance cardio" to compensate for big weekends, a PMS binge, or late-night stress eating. This resulted in exhaustion and fed the cycle of binge eating anyway.

Once I learned that cardio doesn't "fix" or compensate for eating too much, that pms cravings were totally normal and was a natural sign of the bodies desire for more of something, my binge cycles went away as there was nothing to restrict anymore. 

  • Overtraining/under-eating as a professional circus artist with body dysmorphia. There's a term called "circus fat" that means you don't have 6-pack abs that show (even if your body fat percentage is low and you're healthy). Also feeling like rest days were for the weak or completely diminish my progress overnight. I would catch colds all the time because my body was telling me to slow down. There was a sense of pride that came from exhaustion.

    Once I learned that I actually would be leaner once I at MORE food to fuel my body, that six pack showed up and my immune system recovered greatly!