"High Protein" labels can be misleading

Uncategorized Jul 26, 2021

Buying groceries regularly and trying to make healthy decisions is challenging enough, don't you think, Test?

Today we want to share with you how to become your own best detective when reading food labels since most marketing can be misleading.

Whenever we see a food product claiming to be high in protein, low in sugar, gluten-free, etc., we examine the nutrition label even more. These tend to have something else added to the product to make them tasty (defeating whatever healthy claim they're making) and keep you coming back for more! Not all, but a good amount of companies do this.

What does "high protein" really mean?

In order for companies to claim that their product is high in protein, it must contain 20% or more of the recommended daily value (DV).

Here's problem #1 with that... the DV for protein is only 50 grams of protein per day 😱  For most adults, that's only enough to survive, not thrive.

If the DV for protein is 50g, companies can claim that their food product is "high protein" if it contains over 10g of protein per serving.

Here's problem #2 with that: there is NO stipulation about fat or other macros. While your "high protein" product may indeed have 10 grams of protein (which, is not that high for a meal), it often has a very high-fat content to go along with it.

So here you are in the grocery store or gas station trying to buy something high protein and healthy while on-the-go because you know you need those amino acids, and some food companies are selling you moderate protein + a heaping pile of calorically dense fat to go along with it, bumping the calories up 2x as much (fat = 9 calories per gram while carbs and protein = 4 calories per gram).

We'll never forget one time in the middle of a photoshoot, we stopped at a store to grab food. Our photographer friend picked up a "high protein" bar to snack on since we didn't make time for a sit-down meal.

We playfully flipped the bar over to check out the nutrition label and while it did have 20 grams of protein, it had a whopping 30 grams of fat! Not to mention carbs, too.

Of course, it was labeled organic, non-GMO, no added sugar, etc. We see this all too often nowadays with food companies capitalizing on consumers trying to be healthy.

This is just another reason why learning true nutrition science is so valuable: quality AND quantity are important. Reading labels accurately and understanding nutrition will help you become an empowered consumer who can enjoy food freedom in any environment! 

Check out the following infographic and see if you've been categorizing higher fat food as protein:

One big discovery our members make in the first few weeks of our program is that items like nuts, beans, and “protein bars” bars (like the one our friend selected) marketed as high in protein are actually made of mostly fat or carbs or a combo of both 🤯

This is why we have our members track their food for a period of time in order to understand what macronutrients are included in each food item along with learning how to read nutrition labels.

Just like carbs, it’s helpful to think of protein in 3 different categories: lean, fatty, and plant-based.

Including a majority of lean protein is the easiest way to bump up your daily intake without going way over in fat.

Fatty protein sources from animal products are best tolerated in moderation to keep saturated fat in check.

One thing to note: almost all vegan / vegetarian protein sources will have some amount of carbohydrate AND/OR fat along with it. Knowing this, it’s more important for those eating this way to make sure that they’re getting enough protein without overdoing it on fat and carbs.

Remember: protein is THE most important macronutrient to consume enough of, whether in a caloric deficit, maintenance phase, or surplus.

Keeping protein high is particularly important for women who do not have sufficient testosterone to protect muscle tissue from breaking down while losing body fat simultaneously.

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Next time you're grocery shopping, flip over that item and check out the nutrition label. Any questions? Click reply to this email and let us know! 

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Your 12-week program has really helped me understand the value (and the science behind it) of proper nutrition (read: it's not just about the calories!), balanced meals, and the importance of hydration.

The reset my body went through was really amazing - it was great to be in touch with how good and balanced I feel when I nourish my body properly and adequately. I have never felt deprived or felt that I was pushing myself too hard (not sustainable for me). This has been the gentlest program with the most drastic result I have seen my body go through.

I didn't have to change a lot of things on my diet, which was nice, but the tweaking of how much in each meal (macros) was a true game-changer. I always feel satisfied after every meal, and look forward to the strength training exercises (because they are SO good).

The 1-1 coaching was so helpful in honing in the knowledge from the course and really reigning in on the information given there, to apply to MY everyday life. It was great to know I can lean on someone for support who understood the hectic schedule of a mother of very young children. The hacks she shared with me will serve me way beyond this program!

~ Client who wishes to remain anonymous : )

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