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It isn’t every day that we are given an opportunity to be present with ourselves for such an extended amount of time. Even if we've tried to ignore what has been coming up, we don't have the same routines, activities, and obligations that once kept us in the dark. 

So, what happens when we confront something?

We can: like what we see and continue as is, dislike what we see and attempt to improve our situation, or dislike what we see and use compensatory action to avoid the experience altogether. 

The world will always have ebbs and flows of challenges, but for us, this wave, albeit a big one, is one for surfing. We don't know when this will pass, nor do we know if life will ever be the same. If you feel like you've been held underwater and bashed by the intensity of a turbulent sea, why not grab your board and ride on top of it toward calmer water?

This weekend, we invite you to join us in facing what may have been neglected in the past - be it mental, physical, and/or spiritual health - while we were distracted with traffic, event commitment, school, kids' sports, travel, drinking, a never-ending to-do list, and all-you-can-binge-watch streaming shows. 

We invite you to cocoon with us from the comfort of your own home...


There may not be another time like this one.

During Chrysalis, we'll replace your traditional nine to five with 16 hours of interactive workshops designed to support all dimensions of YOUR health. 

Guided by 12 world-class coaches and practitioners, we will practice the pillars of well-being together as a collective, including: root-cause healing, dance, creative expression, yoga, mental performance strategies, nutrition tips, strength training, shadow work, strategic realignment, stretching, meditation, and much more.

The world is changing, and we are going to change with it... on our OWN terms. 

The collective is where our energy grows; it’s where we thrive:

Together, we will lay the foundation of a new way of living - one that is of our choosing, because it feels good to us and not because our society has told us that it is “normal” or because conditioning has kept us asleep for the most part. 

Think of all the hours you've spent sitting in traffic, walking to the same desk everyday, doing pick ups and drop offs, and crossing off lists... when all you wanted was a day off...

Before we get pulled back into routines, we ask you now:

What matters most to you most? Are you living your soul purpose? Do you want to keep doing what you are doing, or do you feel moved to change?

Asking these questions and reflecting on your current reality is a part of the cocooning process we encourage: allowing all of the information that you have collected over the years to either assimilate or leave your body. It’s time to choose and keep what serves you and to let go of that which does not.

For me, it is an unhealthy relationship with time.

For as far back as I can remember, I have struggled with feeling a sense of urgency to complete all the things. 

Sometimes, I feel inspired to write, create, plan, and take action. It feels effortless and easy. Other times, when I am operating on autopilot, I have a feeling of emergency that doesn’t make sense rationally and yet I can't seem to shake it off.

It wasn’t until now that I have been able to sink back into my body, and ask myself: why? Why am I rushing? 

I know this comes from a place of fear. It's as if I'm afraid of not living up to an expectation or someone's standards. It's scarcity mindset. Get the new car, find the higher-paying job, own a house, and do it NOW. This all leads to the idea that improvement is obtained physically and exists outside of ourselves. It makes us feel that we are not good enough in our present states. 

But the "better" doesn’t exist out there. We all know the people who seem like they have it all together on the outside, but still feel lost and empty on the inside. We have the power to feel better immediately - it's our natural state of being - which we may have missed while we were busy out there.

We are honored to provide a space to cocoon, rejuvenate, and break open into a new way of being. For those of you who are ready to move into what comes next with a presence that is powerful, calm, and capable of riding any wave, join us this weekend for a collective metamorphosis.


We are ready and waiting with open arms to welcome you! Tickets are offered on a sliding scale, so you only pay what fits your budget at this time. Space is limited to encourage small group interaction, so make sure to sign up today if this resonates with you!


Click here to buy your tickets now.


P.s. we are seeing some powerful results from meditating and breathing together at 7:00 a.m. Pacific on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. If you're ready for a huge sense of relief in your body and heart, click below to join us!


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We are also continuing to offer small group personal training sessions for those who would like more instruction with the limited equipment you may have at home.

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 3:00 p.m. Pacific

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:00 a.m. Pacific


Click here to move with us.


Thank you for being a part of our vibrant community!


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