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Uncategorized Dec 16, 2021

We're going to let you in on one of the biggest "secrets" that industry experts know when it comes to overall health and a strong, lean physique: you must balance these two "tier 1" hormones, cortisol and insulin.

While cortisol is produced in your adrenal glands and insulin is produced in your pancreas, both glands are controlled by the master pituitary gland.



So why is this important?

Let's say you eat "clean", mostly unprocessed foods, organic, non-GMO, as close to nature as possible, super balanced at each meal (i.e. your carb intake is not excessive at any given time and you're not over-consuming alcohol)...

Even with all that in place, if you are experiencing chronic stress from living through unhealed trauma, a soul-sucking job, fear of catching something, or because your basic needs aren't being met, your sympathetic nervous system is constantly activated and you will see not only negative impacts on your health but also your physique.

You may find it difficult to build muscle, burn body fat, and regulate hunger / cravings because your body simply does not have time for these processes when it's sensing a saber-toothed tiger type of threat (which in modern times might be your boss, toddler tantrums, or 1,344 unread emails).

Chronic stress leads to a drip feed of cortisol and adrenaline release, which uses up your precious resources, spikes your blood sugar for instant glucose release, and pushes blood and nutrients to your main muscle movers (i.e. the opposite of rest and digest).

Yes, you read that right. Stress alone can spike your insulin, just like carbs. It's no wonder that even people who are paying attention to their nutrition still suffer from insulin resistance and stubborn weight loss if their stress is left unchecked!

That's why digesting food properly, absorbing necessary nutrients, and burning body fat for fuel is NOT a priority when you're operating in a stress state.

So many of us are conditioned into believing that this is just the "way life is". These stress hormones are addicting in and of themselves as your body looks for safety and wants to be able to predict the future... what better way than continuing to perpetuate the internal stress environment that one may be used to.

On the other hand, if your stress is in check, you meditate regularly, you enjoy your job, and overall, your needs are met... BUT your food intake is all over the place and imbalanced, you're still going to hit a wall with health and your physique.

Keeping cortisol to acute situations as it was designed to do is essential but so is balancing your blood sugar.

At The Green Door Life, we help you manage both stress and nutrition so that your two master hormones, cortisol and insulin, are balanced and therefore create additional balance in the body by impacting other hormones and processes.

In other words, our goal is to help your body feel SAFE again through consuming nourishing, balanced food and actively building resiliency toward everyday life stressors. When your body feels safe, it then has the opportunity to move into higher level healing and transformation, including healthy fat loss and muscle building.

Ironically, skipping meals, excessively intense exercise, and using other extreme methods of weight loss end up backfiring because it over-activates your stress response and cortisol takes over.

Slow and steady change in the body is key to lifelong results. That's what we're The Green Door Life; we're not a one-trick pony teaching you how to see results as fast as possible only to undo progress the minute you stop unsustainable habits.

We truly care about your long-term results and always keep the door open should you need a little extra accountability at any point down the road 💚

Stay tuned for more exciting in-person and virtual workshops to roll out in the new year. We're also going to be relaunching a brand new transformational program that integrates health across all dimensions, including body, mind and spirit. 

Thank you for being a part of our incredible community and we hope to connect with you soon!

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Shannon Morse & Lisa Kirby | Creators of Awaken Your Nutrition  |

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