❌3 Habits That Sabotage Health Goals❌

Uncategorized Nov 19, 2020

The, we always focus on creating good habits when we’re starting out a new health plan, right?

At the same time, however, minimizing habits that are no longer serving you is just as important for making it easier to reach your goals.

After losing 50 pounds and keeping it off for years, Green Door Life Coach Tanya Burton has mastered the art of establishing healthy habits for long-term success. 

Scroll down to hear Tanya's tips in her not-to-miss podcast!


Green Door Life member, acupuncturist, and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner Kristina Yotive shared with us her favorite recipes and other tips for transitioning into Fall during her first ever workshop this week. 

[Members: If you missed the live workshop, you can access the replay anytime by clicking on "Workshops" from our smartphone app.]


Here's an excerpt from the workshop:

Everything in nature contracts and moves its essence inward. Leaves and fruit fall, seeds dry, the sap of trees goes into the roots. The earth’s grasses start to lose their deep green color, turning lighter and dryer.

It is the same with us: skin becomes dry, emotions are more pensive and turning inward. There is a comfort in curling up and staying warm. There is greater energy required for cooking in a cooler season.

Think heartier stews and crockpots simmering for longer periods of time. Think broths where the essence of the broth must have the contents retrieved by simmering for a good amount of time.

Appetite will be stimulated by warm fragrance of baked as well as sautéed food.

Click the following button to read more and download Kristina's favorite Fall recipes:


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