How to NOT bloat after vacation

Uncategorized Aug 18, 2021

Have you ever gone on vacation and come back feeling BETTER than before?

Or, attended a retreat only to return without enough beach time or play?

In our experience, many vacations encourage copious amounts of alcohol, indulging in food with zero moderation, and skipping workouts. But this leaves us more drained, heavier than when we left, bloated, and likely hungover for days.

On the other hand, most retreats are designed to escape the stressors of life by focusing on rest and rejuvenation. But these tend to be lacking in fun, play, and load-bearing exercise, like lifting weights.

We've never seen a vacation or retreat balance play AND health... so we created one!!

We bring you The Green Door Life Retreat experience... where you will have the best of BOTH worlds: a fun retreat + vacation that leaves you feeling better and more energized than before... without the bloat or hangover.

Quick Facts: The Green Door Life Retreat

  • Dates: April 23-30, 2022
  • Location: Club Med in Cancun, Mexico
  • All food, alcohol, beverages, airport transportation, workouts, and resort activities included!!
  • Who this is for: current, past, or potential members + their friends/family, and anyone else age 21 and up
  • You can book your own room or share a room with a friend or partner for a slight discount
  • Payment plan available if you book by August 22
  • You'll get a full refund (minus a $60 resort fee) should we enter another lockdown in 2022, so you can purchase with peace of mind

Our 7-night fully inclusive retreat + vacation experience is a window into how you can recreate The Green Door Life at home every day and be inspired to practice your new wellness habits for a lifetime.

From sunrise to sunset and beyond, we've got you covered. Our ultimate goal is that you'll feel rejuvenated and inspired upon returning home instead of needing another vacation to recover.

What you can expect:

  • Invite gentle movement and mindfulness into your morning routine. Join our community for a walk on the beach followed by a transformative meditation.
  • Take cooking off your plate. Our nutrition coaches will help you navigate macro-friendly meal options at one of seven restaurants and buffets.
  • Bask in the sun and actually start that book you've been meaning to read at one of the resort's three swimming pools or white sand beaches.
  • Build muscle and get real-time, in-person feedback on your form from our qualified trainers during our strength training classes and mobility sessions.
  • Enjoy entertainment day and night from circus performances to live music and DJ sets.
  • Channel your inner performer by signing up for a Salsa dance or trapeze class.
  • Kayak, stand up paddle board, or snorkel in the world's second largest coral reef.
  • Enjoy special 1:1 sessions with a Green Door Life coach! If you haven't joined our 12-week program yet, there is no better way to dive right in and see what we're all about!

If you have any questions, please check out the FAQ at the bottom of this web page or click reply to this email and we'll get right back to you.

Space is limited to 26 on a first come, first serve basis. We've already had several bookings come in, so make sure to sign up today!

Shannon Morse & Lisa Kirby | Creators of Awaken Your Nutrition  |


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