Are you suffering from decision-making fatigue?

Uncategorized Mar 01, 2020

From the moment we wake up, we make hundreds of seemingly insignificant decisions as we move through our day: what to wear, what to eat (or not eat) for breakfast, how to prioritize our to-do lists, where to park, how long to exercise, and everyone's favorite - what to cook for dinner. Even though these seem trivial on their own, they all add up over time. We often resort to choosing ease and convenience for the little things when compounded with the more important decisions that we have to make. When we feel mentally overtaxed, we move into autopilot mode with habits unconsciously running in the background. No wonder so many of us are exhausted, stressed, and experiencing dis-ease in this modern life.


Connecting to Your Why


If you feel like you're in a slump, overstressed, or operating on autopilot, we invite you to ask yourself why you are doing something. Why are you brushing your teeth, calling a loved one, writing a letter, attending that lunch, exercising, drinking the alcohol, washing your hair, designing that presentation, and everything big and small in between.

Why am I doing this? Do I like this? Why? Is it worth it? Why? Will this add or take away from my life, happiness, fulfillment and sense of accomplishment or self-love? Is it really worth it? Continuing to ask yourself why is extremely important. As you find the first answer to your why, go deeper and ask why again until you discover the answer that feels perhaps a little uncomfortable or shocking. That answer gets you closer to a truth that can set you free from conditioning or old limiting beliefs. Comment below, and let us know what you find!


Our members know that if you plan and prepare your meals and exercise routine ahead of time, you greatly reduce decision-making fatigue. These new habits start to become the new autopilot - a program that actually serves our greater good. Rather than making unhealthy choices in the heat of the moment (um hello, hangry and tired), planning ahead allows you to take one less thing off your plate... literally! Green Door Life member, Layla, shares in the following interview how she moved from emotional eating to empowered eating and fueling for athletic performance:


If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.


...especially with like-minded individuals who want to level-up their physical, emotional, and spiritual experience in this lifetime! With that, we're pleased to announce that our Green Door Life Facebook group is now open to all. Please invite your friends, family, and colleagues to join our thriving community!


We're infinitely confident that you and your loved ones will be healthier, happier, and stronger by showing up for yourself and the entire community every single day. Here's what you can expect:

  • Live Q&A sessions

  • Step-by-step case studies

  • Proven practices, tools, and strategies

  • Recipes, health tips, guides, cheat sheets, etc.

  • First access to upcoming events, challenges, courses, and more!


Thank you for helping us spread the word and align with our mission to redefine the way the world approaches nutrition, exercise, and health!


Yours in health,

Shannon & Lisa


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