Bay Area mezcal meet-up & Hike this week!

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2022

We're meeting twice IRL (in real life) this week!

[TLDR]: meet at 6pm on Thursday at Mezcalito in SF and 1pm on Saturday at Tennessee Valley in Marin County.

On Thursday, June 9 at 6:00 p.m., join us for apps, laughs and optional mezcal! Mezcalito is located at 2323 Polk Street, San Francisco CA 94109.

Please RSVP below to receive email reminders leading up to the event.


On Saturday, June 11 at 1:00 p.m., join us for a community hike to take advantage of nature's stairmaster.

Tennessee Valley Trailhead is located at 701 Tennessee Valley Rd, Mill Valley, CA 94941. Meet at the upper parking lot by the restrooms by 1:00pm sharp!

Please RSVP below to receive email reminders leading up to the event.


Feel free to share this RSVP page for either event with your friends, family, colleagues, and whoever else might be interested in meeting The Green Door Life founders and community!

Question of the Week:

"How much high intensity training should I be doing?" 

It depends. When it comes to HIIT, not everyone needs to do it and most do best with 1-3 times a week MAX.

More is not always better.

More exercise, more restriction, more dieting… all of these can backfire!

The key to long-term weight management and health is ensuring that your body is safe and not chronically stressed.

That means high intensity exercise must be done in the least effective dose.


The majority of your daily movement should be low intensity and aerobic, like walking, gardening, cooking, playing, dancing, getting up and down off the floor, etc.

Excessive high intensity training can backfire especially for women if it overtaxes the body and disrupts various hormone levels.

If you are doing daily Peloton rides, Bootcamp classes, HIIT training, or endurance running / biking, nutrition is even MORE important.

If this is you, you need fuel and rest properly like an athlete so you don’t overtax your system and put your body in a state of chronic inflammation.

All too often we find that people are over-training, under-eating, and experiencing weight loss resistance as the body is in a chronic state of stress and inflammation.

Those who have been running themselves into the ground for years may need more time to make the body feel safe again and move out of weight loss resistance (yes, that's a thing!).

That's where we come in and help. You don't have to troubleshoot alone.

We have six coaching spots left. If you’re ready to get in the best shape of your life, for life, apply now at: 👉

Shannon Morse & Lisa Kirby | Creators of Awaken Your Nutrition  |

P.S. Check out our nutrition master class if you're new and want to learn what we're about 💚.



Let's Talk

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