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Just kidding! We're fully binge watching Tiger King and Love Is Blind.  But in all seriousness, we've also been riding the waves of this strange time together through collective meditation, breathing, and movement. We've found these pillars of health to be an anchor throughout the day, and we want to share them with you. You can find several videos like the one below in our Facebook group and YouTube channel



Because we've received such incredible feedback from so many of you about the benefits of joining together to collectively meditate and engage in breathing techniques, we're pleased to share a new offering! Start your mornings off with guided meditation and DMT breathing with Shannon Morse and Ody Andrianos! Your membership will include replays of our live sessions which you can access anytime. Let's Meditate

We're also continuing to host small group personal training sessions five days a week! Come train with the one and only Shannon Morse and get ready for a full body strength workout using the equipment you have available at home! This is not any run-of-the-mill class; Shannon brings her nearly 20 years of personal training experience to bring you quality form cues, maximum lean muscle activation, and modifications for all fitness levels so everyone can participate.

Let's Lift

P.S. We're busy bees over here working on curating a two-day virtual retreat for you this April! All ages are welcome. We've gathered together our network of master coaches to guide you and your family through 16 hours of movement, meditation, dancing, and healing as a collective. For more information, check out the event details below! 


Chrysalis Retreat

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