Uncategorized Dec 24, 2017

Marrakesh. What can I say. Words will NEVER do it justice. Even the photos can’t compare. This place is magic on ice. Burning man every moment of every day. The colors, fabrics, lines of faces, animals, smells, textures and overall ambiance captive and excite in a way that, well, I have never been excited before. As we sit atop the roof of The Pearl Bar in Marrakesh, my only comment to Jeff was,

This was a f*cking great idea. 

Portugal was a great introduction to sights and smells. Marrakesh is THE place if you want to experience LIFE. Life in all that it has to offer. Fear, joy, camaraderie, poverty, opulence and everything in between. 

As we navigated the maze of the Medina our haggling became better and better with every stop. A mixture of sweet and hard. As Jeff said, I was the water and simply moved around the gentlemen who were the hard rocks of sales men. You say 800 Dirham? I say 300. No? Ok, I don’t really like it that much. And from there, let the games begin. Haggling as a female felt similar to negotiating with my father. I would have an idea of wanting something, for a certain experience or price. If he said no, I just simply wouldn’t agree. Having just one option in my mind is an excellent way to haggle in the Medina, perhaps not to be used in a relationship however. That is a deadly combo...... but at least Jeff now knows what or who he will be bargaining with. ;)


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