Hate Cardio? Try this instead!

Uncategorized May 15, 2020


So... apparently it's Friday! Are the days of the week blending together for you, too? Well, we've got this far in the week, and we have an itch to get off Zoom and MOVE.


We've cooked up a nice little body weight circuit to help get blood flowing and kick up your energy for the day. Pick and choose the fitness level below that works for you.


Complete each exercise back-to-back for 3 rounds, and then rest 2 minutes in between each round. If you have any questions, hit reply to this email so we can guide you in the right direction!


3 Rounds:

10 push-ups (on knees)

10 walking lunges

Jumping Jacks for 30-60 seconds


3 Rounds: 

10 air squats

10 sit-ups

Jumping Jacks for 30-60 seconds


3 Rounds:

10 burpees (no push-up/jump)

10 mountain climbers (slow)

Jumping Jacks for 30-60 seconds




3 Rounds:

10 push-ups

10 switch lunge jumps

Sprint 100 yards


3 Rounds: 

10 squat jumps

10 plank up/down

Sprint 100 yards


3 Rounds:

10 burpees

10 mountain climbers

Sprint 100 yards

What kinds of workouts are you doing right now? Have you started acquiring equipment at home, or are you planning to get back to your gym soon?


We kept putting off purchasing equipment at first and then finally caved after it seemed inevitable that everything would be closed for more than a month. It's so important to continue engaging in the healthy habits that make us feel good, which is why we are continuing to invite guest instructors to host classes in our Facebook Group!


If you're an instructor and would like to teach a class to our community, please email us at [email protected] to get set up.

Happy, happy Friday, friends. Do something for YOU this weekend!

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