Uncategorized Dec 26, 2017
It’s easy to plan ahead for the idea of working out when traveling. Choosing hotels that have fitness facilities, or are partnered with a near by gym, is a breeze. The reality of getting there and actually putting that plan into place can be a whole other experience. With travel arrangements and time changes, you may find it as a break in the rhythm of vacation to schedule times to go to the gym.

Our lives can be so regimented by the minute that scheduling workouts sessions among days where we could be out exploring, simply doesn’t feel like a vacation. So we can improvise. Track your steps and set a daily goal, look to beat that goal even if by one extra step, each day.

Try having a little challenge with yourself or your travel partner:

  • 100 push-ups

  • 60 jump squats

  • 60 V-ups

  • 30 side planks with extensions.

Modifications for weak knees or building strength could go something like this:

  • Push-ups on knees 10 at a time

  • Body weight squats on their own or up and down from a chair

  • Plank on knees or with straight legs

  • Side plank hold for 15-30 seconds per side

All of these could be done in the hotel room upon waking up, after a nap and before going to bed. Basically, every time you are in your hotel room, is an opportunity to add to the daily tally.

The combination of walking and moving the body may leave you feeling a little sore by day 3. It just goes to show that volume of movement, no matter what it is, will add up and create an impact. After the water retention from flying dies down, (most of us will retain around 3-5 lbs of water the day after traveling) you will be left feeling lean and strong all while enjoying your vacation.


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