How to Survive the Holidaze

Uncategorized Oct 22, 2019


We invite you to close your eyes and visualize your typical holiday season. Is it full of joy, nostalgia, tradition, and rejuvenation? Or do you anticipate stress, pressure, shortage of resources, and forced social interactions? Most of us will fall somewhere along the continuum, but no matter where we stand, we can get the most out of the holidays when setting an intention before they begin. Take a moment to get grounded with us in this meditation that you can practice daily throughout the next few months and beyond:


Now that we've got you in a Zen state, you're ready to take on the day! Here's a snapshot of this week's spotlight workout that stimulates not only muscle growth but will have you breathing heavy after the first round. Many of our customized programs feature three back-to-back super sets to maximize your lean muscle development while burning 100's of calories during and after your workout.

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And on that note, we're off to the gym!


Yours in Health,

Shannon & Lisa


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