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Uncategorized May 01, 2020

We almost gave up. 

We almost threw in the towel.

There are only two of us running the show.

One of us was suddenly thrown into full-time home-schooling and care-taking while trying to work - a challenge that many parents have also encountered. 

The other jumped into crisis management mode to fill the void while holding space for our community during this unprecedented time.

And yet, here we are.

We've continued to push ourselves so hard these past 6 weeks, not only expanding our online services to support the new normal, but mostly to create something new... something that we feel so passionate about, that we did it anyway despite the odds stacking against us.

Our blood, sweat, and many, many, tears have culminated into an offering that we stand by wholeheartedly with absolute pride and gratitude. 

In collaboration with a vast network of our expert practitioners and like-minded coaches, we're honored to offer this service for the first time ever to our community.


a collective metamorphosis. 

In other words, an opportunity to transform into something greater as a group.

This is our retreat that we would have created and hosted IN PERSON.

We start our morning with meditation, intention setting, visualization, and breath work. 

We share our reflections.

We are uplifted by others.

With our minds calm and our souls fed, we begin to move our bodies. We pick up heavy things to build the strength we need - both physically and figuratively - to support our lifestyle and to fuel our life's purpose.

Over lunch, we discuss nutrition tips, emotional eating, and how to get through difficult times without negatively impacting our health.

In the afternoon, we hear from our guest speakers. These are not just lectures. You will not just be talked to - you will be heard. These are small group, interactive sessions designed to break through any limiting beliefs, emotions, or other blockages holding you back.

Then, we move our bodies again. We dance. We stretch. We do Yoga. 

In closing, we reconvene as a group, share our individual and collective experiences, and write down our intentions for the next day, week, month, and year. 

We are balanced and fed, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

This is our perfect day, and we're now able to share this virtually.

And if you can't stay the entire time, we'll send you a recording of the virtual sessions for you to watch at your leisure. 

Tickets are offered on a sliding scale, so you only pay what you can at this time.

It would be our absolute pleasure to come together with you this weekend.

It's time to move out of feeling stuck and step into the expansion that is our birthright.

We hope to see you there!


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